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Introduction to Receipt Template

When you go to the mall, you buy some products after paying some amount you get the receipt or receipt templates. That receipt it holds all the information about your shopping . Like product price is included as well as date and time is also mentioned in the receipt and the total amount of products buy by the customer.  That’s why the receipt is important.

If you have purchased some expensive materials and you forgot to take the receipt . If you want to exchange the material then that time you need the receipt . The  Receipt holds the proof of that you buy some products from the shop . At the exchange time you need the receipt.

If you are having the event management business that time you need for  the receipt,  to find out how much money you have invested in the event. Like if you are providing the accommodation facility, then the rent of the hotel expenses will include on  the receipt, if you have purchased some flexes as well  as some monuments for the event then we can find out the total budget required for the Event.So that in future we can neglate the excessive amount requiring for the event accordingly we can plan the event in future with low cost.

Now there are some receipt templates which are available in excel , word, PDF forms.In some case receipt is written by hand on the rough paper . This will require lots of time . If the receipt which is already available in the modified format. Then I think it will be better if we choose the modified format Receipt ,it ultimately saves our time as well as money. Many times businessmen purchased the receipt book from the stationary. It will be the best option to download the free templates of receipt in pdf,excel as well as word format. On the internet ,you will get different forms of receipt even if you want to personalized then you can add the company logo ,company address , as well as many more things you can add in the receipt it depends on which format you are choosing.

It is easy to make the receipt in word format . Which includes one table, we just needed to insert the values the word format is having calculation system so that it will ultimately save your time for the calculation purpose . On the internet word format receipts are also available or you can make on your own .

You will get here free receipts templates in excel format. It is having more features than the excel . Excel templates are much easier to use than the word template. You can customize the receipt by adding the company logo,address . It will be easier to calculate the taxes in the excel than the word format. Receipt in word as well as excel format it can easily convert into the PDF Format. And these templates are available  free on the Internet.


 Types of  Receipt Template

 Receipt Templates can be of two types

  • Receipt Templates for Excel
  • Receipt Templates for Word

This Receipt template  we can convert it into the PDF Format . These can be converted into the PDF Format by using PDF Converter. Now lets us see the Receipt templates for word format.

Receipt template by using the word format is one of the important alternative if you don’t want to use EXCEL Or you don’t know how to use it. It can have multiple receipt option in the single template . Like Sales receipt,cash receipt,rent receipt . Receipt template in Word format it is easier to use than the Excel . We can create the table and add the values , calculation time also saved.

This template has made in the Word format . You can see that we have used different colors , as well as different font. In this way we can personalize  the template in our own way . Now let us see which things are necessary while writing the template

The Address of the company as well as name is important . You can add the logo as well . And at the last end of the receipt it is necessary to write some pleasant line. Now Let us see the Receipt template in the excel Format

This template made in the excel format. You can see the difference between the both the templates . Here to make the template in the excel format it is more easier than the Word format. Because many additional features are available in order to find out the tax calculations. These receipt we can add multiple columns like shipping delivery price , Discount offering on the material, Total Price of the product. Here also we have shared the company details with the Logo and at the end of the receipt we have mentioned the website address as well as some pleasant quote.

Now  these format we can easily convert it into the different formats as per our need.

Lets us see  the different types of the Receipt

  • Depositary Receipt
  • Return Receipt
  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Invoice Receipt


  • Depositary Receipt

Depositary Receipt is the receipt which traded the local stock exchange. It will be easier for the company to buy their shares in the foreign countries because shares of the come don’t have to leave their homestate. DR helps the investors to hold the shares of the other countries. These depositary receipts are of the two types one is ADR [American Deposit Receipt] and other is Global depositary receipt [GDR].If someone wants to hold the shares other than U.S countries then one can use GDR receipt.

  • Return Receipt

Return Receipt is an email notification that gives if someone has opened your email or read it. That means you will get an indication that your email has received.   Sometimes we can’t rely on this notification ,because when you receive an e-mail with a return receipt notification, many e-mail clients will allow a user to send a return receipt “now”, “later”, or “never”.

These return receipt can be used in Online shopping like if someone has received the product that means a deliver boy should sign the document which tells that the product is properly deliverd.

It is a proof of delivery provided by the postal service either in the form of document or the Email.

In this way Returned Receipts useful while delivering the product.



  • Warehouse Receipt

These receipt tells the ownership of the commodity like if  the buyer has purchased some property like house or some place for the business,then in that time he will get a receipt which is called ad Warehouse Receipt. This receipt it can be transferable as well as non transferable . If someone wants to transfer the property on others name in that moment you will require the warehouse receipt.

It indicates the Ownership of the goods and services that can be stored in the warehouse.

These receipt having acknowledgement to whom you are transferring the commodity. These receipt is normally used in the business deals. If some business party wants to transfer their value to the another party in that time warehouse receipt can be used.

Negotiable warehouse receipts are used  to transfer of ownership of that commodity stored in a warehouse without having to deliver the physical commodity.

Government also launch the negotiable warhousee receipt which helps the farms toget the loans from the bank.

These receipts are made negotiable under warehouse act 2007.


  • Invoice Receipt

Free Invoice template is the non transferable commercial instrument which can be used during the transaction. While Invoice it is document which made by the seller and purchased by the buyer. In the Invoice receipt every details are consist like date at which transaction done,List of goods purchased by the buyer, discount , price, shipping details , Place of delivery.


15+ Free business Receipt Template

Receipt template in excel

Sales Receipt Template

In the sale receipt template each detail has been mentioned like company name,company address as well as company logo. It gives the detailed information on which date how many goods and services has purchased. Is there any discount offer on the goods . As well as what wii be the shipping cost for the product which is being delivered at the customers place.These Sales receipt it can be helpful for tracking the total sales of the business. It can also help to track the productivity of the salesperson. These receipt also  includes customer ID for the tracking purpose.

2. Rental Receipt Template

These rental receipt template it will be useful if you are purchasing someone the Land or your property from someone that time this rental receipt will be useful. Because it keeps the record of the property ownership. This is also called as warehouse receipt . In these rental receipt Owner name is also included as well as payment method is also included like payment by cash or online payment . As well as Property location is also included. If you want to know the market price of the land after some years. You can refer these receipt how much profit you have get after purchasing the Land. In these way the rental receipt is useful

3. Cash Receipt Template

Cash receipt template is useful if you are selling the goods and service . If customer buys goods and services then you need to give them receipt . in that time cash receipt template is useful . Cash receipt templates are normally used in business , garments sops,hotels,malls. This is necessary while exchanging your good services. When it comes to tax then in that time cash receipts are useful. It is very easy to design the cash receipt in the excel . You can make on your own or you can download the different templates from the internet.

Here we have shared the cash receipt template

4. Taxi Receipt Template

 Taxi Receipt is used by cab service transaction . This can be used when the customer wants some evidence, proof of his travel to show in the office. It can be also useful for the taxi driver to keep the mileage record as well as financial record. The cab service office needed this receipt details from the driver to know how much distance has been covered as well as how much petrol they have required accordingly they have to plan for all the cars about the petrol requirement. On this Taxi receipt all the details have been mentioned . Like Receipt no, Passenger Name , Taxi Number , Payment mode, date of trip  as well as the amount paid . The distance traveled by the car it has also mentioned. As well Km/Rs information is also included in the Taxi Receipt.



Receipt Template for Word

In the receipt for the word we can add some additional information with the receipt.


In this way we can create the template in the word format. As well as we can also add some description in the Lease. The Security Deposit receipt it can be used while doing the Lease Contract. If the tenant damage the property in that time. Landlord having the whole authority to take the action. These receipt it varies amount depending upn the time as well As its rental cost. These receipt plays an important role if their is a conflict between the Landlord and tenants.


I hope this article is helpful because in the whole article you have studied different types of the receipt template. And why the receipt is having the importance . As well as we have seen different types of templates depending upon type we  are using . We have seen types of receipt depositary receipt,rentreceipt ,as well as warehouse receipt. Hope this article Is helpful to design the receipt template for your business. Please keep visiting for more updates.






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