August 2016 Holiday Calendar

Hello friends, the month of august is now a step away only. now you will need the calendar of august because if you want that your all work should be done at proper time in the month of august then you should download our free printable August 2016 holiday calendar .

August 2016 holiday calendar

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August holiday calendar 2016

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August 2016 calendar with holidays

I am going to tell you a story of one of my friends. this story will show that the calendar is very important in your life. there is a friend of mine, Tony. he is a very lazy person, he was not using calendar in his life, not at all. i used to tell him the importance of calendar in any one life, but he always refused my opinion. he used to tell me that calendar is not important and using it a waist of time.

After some time we graduated together and start looking for job. there was a job interview on 15 July, i woke up at 8 am and look up at my calendar, i was already marked the date of interview on the calendar, as i look at the calendar, i remembered that today is my job interview. i got up from the bed and started doing my preparation for interview. i suddenly remembered that tony is also going for the job interview. i was sure that he had forgot the job interview date.

i pick up my phone and gave him a call on his cell but his cell was switch off. after getting ready i was going for my job interview but also concerning that my best friend will not be able to attend the interview. we were facing the same economical problems in our life, so i was aware that the job interview is very important for both of us. i deiced that i will pick my friend too, even if i will be late but we will go together for the interview.

i started my bike and go to the house of my friend. he was still sleeping. i wake him up immediately, and tell him that there is a job interview today. he was very shocked that he forgot his job interview date, he got ready immediately and we attend the interview together. both of us was selected for the job, after selection he told me thanks and also told that now he know the importance  of calendar in our life.

From that day, calendar is a inseparable part of our life. now you know that August 2016 calendar with holidays is very important in our life.

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