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Free Printable August Calendar 2023 with Holidays

Let us collect the information regarding the August calendar 2022 with holidays. August is the end of the summer season. Summers are the most pleasant days where people can enjoy themselves by meeting at different places. American family day was celebrated on the 7th of August in 1977.

August Calendar 2022 with Holidays

It is similar to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day it is a non-paid holiday declared separately to appreciate the family members by taking some time and spending time with the members of the family. The day was signed by Governor Raul Hector Castro as a 1year proclamation. In the following years, it was declared as an official Arizona holiday by governor Bruce Babbitt. The holiday was also continued in many other states like North Carolina and Georgia.

August Calendar 2022 with Holidays PDF

The Georgian Department of Education Parent Engagement program which relates to the American Family Day brings all the families together and by participating in the program everyone shares the love and appreciation of one another. 

Printable August Calendar 2022 with Holidays

Printable August Calendar 2022 with Holidays PDF

August 14th of every year is celebrated as National Navajo code talkers day. The day was celebrated to remember the selfless sacrifice of the Brave men. The people of Arizona are proud of the incredible work of the Code Talkers, their bravery and ingenuity which helped the Allied Forces to claim victory during World War 2. Governor Ducey has signed the legislation sponsored by Senator Jamescita Peshlakai which makes National Navajo Code Talkers Day a Legal state holiday on March 29

August 2022 Holiday Calendar 

Bennington battle day was celebrated on the 16th of every August. It is considered as a state holiday, where the Americans get the victory over British forces at the Battle of Bennington at the time of the American Revolutionary War in 1777. Hence it was celebrated every year on the same date. The day is celebrated as a state holiday, so all the government offices are to be closed on that day.

August 2022 Holiday Calendar  PDF

Hawaii’s Statehood day was celebrated every 19th of August month. It was celebrated as a Public Holiday where is a holiday for the general population, businesses, schools. Hawaii’s Statehood day represents Hawaii’s admission as a state. It is declared as an annual state holiday, it was commonly celebrated on the third Friday of every August.

Hawaii’s Statehood day was is different from Statehood day in Tennessee or Kentucky, USA. As it is a state holiday school, businesses are closed and holidays for the general population. The day was spent with a fair amount of discussions-, and debates. They promote the day by writing articles or messages to wish the state a Happy birthday. 

August 2022 Holiday Calendar  PDF

Lyndon Baines Johnson Day was celebrated on August 27th of every year. It is celebrated to mark the birthday of Lyndon Baines Johnson who is the former president. In Texas, it is a legal state holiday on the same day every year. Johnson worked as the 36th president of the United States. The day was declared after the death of Johnson in 1973 Texas State Legislature has made the day a legal state holiday. The day was optional for optional to the employees working in the state to not close.

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