15+ Best Sample Designs of Business Card Templates

Business card is the easiest and effective way of representing your brand and providing contact information. It acts as a connection between you and your client when it handed over to client personally or send it via e-mail. A good business card should be the one which is hard to throw away or forget. It should be unique, simple, iconic and yet powerful. They become memorable through copy writing, tone, attitude, shape or texture colors, imagery typography, production material, etc.

There are ‘n’ number of business card template available in market and also you can easily find it on internet. Rather than going with metallic or die cut cards, simple cards are preferable as they are easy to handle and carry. Clients will always remember you once you have handed over your business card to them.

A business cards combines several elements—company logoand contact information such as website street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses. Now they may also have social media addresses.

It would be quite baffling to select the right material for you, as you can have Plain, colored, textured, foiled, plastic,perfumed, concrete (Yes!), etc. The choice of business card material totally depends on what you want to think your client about the company or product or service you are providing. Like if your company is into a particular product or service, it would be advisable to go for full color photograph which will fulfill your need, as the full photograph will be catchy enough for your client to remember. Matt laminated cards will be suitable if your company image is more important for you while Ivory board cards are the choice of many corporate clients who just need a good quality business cards.




Samples of Business Card

3.5 x 2 inches are the standard dimensions of a printed business card. They are available in two main types of stock cards: 10 cards per page and 8 cards per page. 10 cards per page usually have white borders whereas 8 cards per page have colorful edges also called as “bleeds”. Business cards are printed oversize with an extra 1/8 inch of space for design elements or backgrounds and then cut down to size to have the effect of bleeds.

While business card design, make the document size of 3.75″ wide x 2.25″ i.e., include the bleed area also so that it can be trimmed to standard size including the bleed. But when vertical business cards are designed, switching of page width and height will do so you don’t have to rotate the card. There are so may samples of business cards.

Business Card Calendar

Format : 10 cards/ page

A calendar is printed on the back side of the normal business card or it can be  printed on business card magnet so that people may use your business card regularly for calendar reference.

Gray-scale Business card

Format : 10 cards/ page

It is simple and classy. It does not require a colour printer and is easy on printer toner.


Dual Colour Bushiness Card

Format : 10 cards/ page

This card simply uses two different colours for effective impression. Of course, colours can be easily changed as per requirement.It certainly looks more professional.


Multi-Colour Business Card

Format : 8 cards/ page

The selection of different colour scheme is most important in multi-colour business cards. You must be cautious in selection of colous that will blend with each other.


Single Colour Business Card

Format : 8 cards/ page

This Sample business cards is simple but very effective. The purpose of using only one color is to separate primary information like company name, your name and designation from the secondary one. While this card will give very modern and elegant look with off center white block. Yet the effect will still be strong.


Full Colour Business Card

Format : 8 cards/ page

Since most of the business cards are whitein colour, this colourful business card will definitely stick outit looks very bold. While changing the colour scheme, go for monochromatic colours.


Why we Need the Business Card Template ?

They say ‘First impression is the last impression’. Business cards are the first impression of your company.

Many of you may have asked the question why we need business cards in this digital era. Well let us discussed the importance of business cards sample.

Whenever you have a business meeting with someone, ask for the business card. It will not only help you to have physical record but you will also remember the credentials of that person in future. For example, if you meet someone, you will not remember Jon Wilkes, Project Manager, Hill International Wll, etc. Business card in this way to find new business partnership, new business opportunities and even job opportunities. It helps you to increase and strengthen your network. When you hand over you business card, it marks how professional you are.

Business card helps you to remember your business in your clients mind. They may not know the product or other details of your business, but in the time of need, they will try to remember you through your business card.

Still some of you may have a doubt why have a design business cards when you can always store the information on your smartphone. With technology sharing information indeed have become far easier. But tapping on your phone in a personal business meet may not look professional. Because here you are looking down and not making any eye contact or sharing a smile which definitely add few negative points on you. Also the information on Business card is willing share. But when you ask for the details you want to save on your smartphone, your client may find it uncomfortable to share. Plus business cards save time for you.

If you prefer digital devices to store or exchange information via app, there may be an issue of compatibility of app with other make of phone. It may even be possible that your client may not have a smartphone with him at the time of meeting.

Business cards are very economical and can be carried wherever you want to go. Hence making them cost effective and efficient marketing tool especially for small businesses. You just have to keep them in your wallet, pockets or laptop bags, so they will be ready to use at your will.

Digital marketing,e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation, they all do great jobs to attract the customers. But they are still inefficient when compared to a firm handshake and exchange of the business card in-person.

In some countries like Japan, quality and condition of your business card will decide the how you want to propose yourself and your business. They consider it a high honour in exchange of business cards. While in Hong Kong, you should not offer your business card in return, if you received  one from them. It will offend them and that will be the of business with them. So they are proved essential while making deals in some countries/situations/cultures. In U.S. and U.K., businessmen use their business cards simply for networking to share their current contact information with their clients.

Important Ingredients

Type of business you are into or want to be in will decide what goes on your business card. For a large company, formats are already predefined. But you may always create your own.

Its always good to be precise in the information you want to put on the card and it is better if its kept minimum to avoid the confusion of words and numbers. Name of company, your name, your job title along with work mail, business phone number and web site is all what you need on the business card. You may also provide the location if its important to mention.

You can always try various styles. But it is sensible to go for traditional way and leave the back blank so that every information get noticed. Printing your business card in standard size will always be helpful as it will not have problem of storage if it does not fit in wallet or card holder.

Selection of correct material is the first step towrads creation of professional and beautiful business card. Most people randomly select the material or refer the local supplier. As widely known choice of buisness card material is paper, you must consider few important parameters.

  • Card’s design, budget, colors and the Client’s impression are the specifications of the card stocks to be printed.
  • You must also consider the life span of card, business you want to promote, basic design or heavy graphics or textural details, one or two side printing. Thick stock is always preferred. But it should not cost you more than your budget.
  • Thick stock will be more sutable for double sided business card as it will help to hold the ink.
  • Matte paper provides you easy view in all lighting conditions and is mostly preferred where content reding is vital. Whereas Glossy paper is highly relective and is great for high defination printing. But it is not effective for handling and reading. Luster or silk paper is in between the matte and glossy paper.
  • Now last but not the least is the printer. For glossy and textured business cards inkjet printer will perform well, while matte paper will go with laser printer.

If you search business card templates on internet, you will find ten thousands of it. Even if you go to the local suppliers, they will also provide you thousand cards. Now you will definitely get confused with so many options. To make ie easier for you so that it will not be a annoying task for you, lets make a list of features and benefits for you to select a best suitable template for you.

  • Business cards templates should have good printing quality for the selected template. So high-resolution imagery are preferred that will be optimized for high printing quality.
  • A good business card should represent the required details effectively. There are so many editable templates which can be downloaded so that you can customize your business card easily with company details, logos, your name, etc.
  • For creative professionlas or agency, business card must depict the creativity. So from your business card, client will get the idea of creativity.
  • Business card template should be selected as per the profession and the amount of information to be shared via this card to the client. So after finalising the basic requiremnet, try similar options available with different colors and themes which will make your card unique.
  • You can always seek help of professional printing services to avoid the confusion. But always ask for the sample before going for printing of your Business card.

15+ business Card templates formats

While designing the business templates , we need to strictly follow something. That will help you to convert the piece of paper into the business card. How this single business card printing will help to grow your business.

Contact information on the business card must be correct and direct. Only then, people will contact you as you have told them how. Sharing your personal contact number or email address seems very unprofessional. Similarly inclusing your location or physical address on a business card depends on the kind of business you aere into. For a person who is providing online services, physical address information will not be of any use to the client.

  • Social Media Profile : Add social media profiles in your business card. You need not add all the profiles you have on social media.  But you must include them in your business card, as social media is the third eye of your customer. It will help in both traditional and virtual businesses. You should strategically select the social media links to get maximum benefits.
  • Empty Space : Empty space or white space is so important. Yes, it is! Your business card should not be over flooded with the numbers or words or graphics. It should have some empty space of its own. It is not required to be in white colour only.
  • Creativity : Last but not the list. Creativity. Mentioning all your information accurately as discussed above is an easy work, but to add the tinch of creativity is all that matters. Without it, your business card will be boring and will be lost easily in the bunch of other business cards. No one will be contacting as a first choice. Display your creativity in such a way that your business card will speak for your job title. Get Creative. Let them say that I contacted you first as I like your business card the most. I am impress. If you want your creative business card then hire the graphic designer and share your views . I think your thoughts will convert into the fruitful product.
















Photo of blank white business cards on wooden background. For design presentations and portfolios.







Card Templates

This card looks clean and simple. It looks so professional with a simple front and back. This is one of the samples that look classic as well as professional. Depending upon the business domain you can see the variety in the business card. Sometimes just by observing the business card you will get an idea of what type business they are doing. If someone is interested to make a deal with you then in that time they will refer that card. This is how the business card helps you for the client engagements .

The business card also tells you the brand value of your business. Don’t add so many colors in the business card . Depending upon the domain of your business, you can Create your business card accordingly. This is how the business card will help you t grow your network as well as business connectivity. Business card it is a main part of your business. That’s why its designing is the  important part. Here we have provided various samples , important ingredients of making the business card template. You can customized your business card accordingly as per your choice. Hope this article is helpful and you can create the dynamic business card in the future.

What Information Should Be On Your Business Card?

Here are few important tips to transform a piece of paper into a business card. So it will always represent you and your company or business.

  • Logo and Tagline

It is very important to add logo and tagline to your business card. Like business card, logo along with the tagline is the identity of your company. They are also very catchy. In future, whenever you will share your business card, client can easily sort it out by just looking for the logo. So in a way, you will be always on your client’s mind for the prospective or current business opportunities.

  • Your name and Job

If you are called by different name in your professional surroundings, that name should be on your business to avoid further misunderstanding and clarifications.  Job title on your business card should always show your main function in the business. You may multitask the other operations, but always mention your main function.

I hope, this article would be very good for you, If you have any query or issues regarding this article please share this with us. Please keep visiting for more updates.


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