Free 25+ Christmas Background PowerPoint Templates

Hi Guys! Here We are going to provide awesome Christmas Power point template. Christmas is an annual festival celebrated all over the world as it symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is observed on December 25. Christmas is that time of the year that brings in those red and white shades coupled with the festival spirit. As we approach to the last week of the year the designers enthusiastically started working on the Christmas templates and backgrounds in the designing of their websites. This templates have a new look with configurable color combinations. As this day was believed to be the Birth of Son of God the joy among the people are of different level. This day is celebrated around the world by the people of all religion. It also symbolizes the time when friends and family come together and remember the good things they have. As it’s a tradition to give and receive gifts children love this day.

In this blog we bring to you the best christmas party invitation template which you can use on your websites and desktops. We tried to bring the best quality vectors and images so that once you are done with the editing work on the image the end result will be of prime quality.

The word Christmas reminds of few things when you hear it such as Snow, Santa Clause, Presents, Christmas tree, Christmas tree Decoration, Snow Fall, bell, Christmas tree ornaments, Snow Man, Get together of Family and Friends, Feasts and most important Holidays.

The Christmas celebration is done with full of joy around the world. Streets are decorated, Shops and Shopping Malls are decorated with lots of lights. So why not the virtual world follow the same culture. The designers start working on the concept of red and white and they start decorating their websites too. People starts uploading the PSD files on their webpages and that attracts more and more audience on their pages.

Here we brought you some neat Christmas backgrounds with random stuffs related to the Christmas such as Santa Clause, Reindeer Sleigh, Christmas tree and its Ornaments, Bells, Snow, Snow Man and Many more. The below shown images are high quality images. Here Different types of free christmas powerpoint templates has given in below section

Christmas Background with Snowman

image8 (1)

Christmas Background with Flower Wreath

image1 (1)

Santa Clause Christmas Background

image12 (1)

Christmas Background with Lights on Tree


Christmas Background with Bell

image11 (1)

Santa Clause Knocking the Door Christmas Background

image2 (1)

Christmas tree Ornaments Background

image6 (1)

Snow Man Close up Christmas Background

image9 (1)

Miniature Christmas tree Background

image4 (1)

Christmas tree Ornaments Designer Background

image7 (1)

Miniature White Christmas tree Background

image3 (1)

Miniature Snow Man on Sleigh Christmas

image5 (1)

Bells and tree Ornaments Christmas Background

image10 (1)

Christmas tree Background with Rice Lights


Red Cherry Christmas Background


Street Decoration Christmas Background


Tree Ornaments Christmas Background


Christmas Eve Background with Reindeer Sleigh and Santa Clause


Christmas tree Decoration Background


Animated Santa Clause Christmas Background


Christmas wishes Background


Sweet Christmas White Background


Polar Bear with Christmas Gift Background


Decorated Castle on Christmas Background


Christmas wishes Background


Christmas tree Ornaments Background Animated


Christmas tree Bell Christmas Background


Animated Christmas tree Background.


Night Decorations Christmas Background


Santa Clause Watching a Sleeping child Christmas Background


Red Christmas tree Ornament on White Snow Background : Now we are also adding in some Vector files which can be used for editing purposes. Vector Files like AI and EPS are considered as editable files as they can be edited easily by using illustrator application and the text on such files can be edited easily without changing or affecting the graphics. After editing the result work can be saved into any format such as JPG, PNG or GIF with any amount of resolution and quality.The quest of searching for a perfect Christmas decoration background is endless. The more you look for it the more you get confused about your need. The whole internet is filled with such templates. We are trying to bring them to you sorted in categorical wise.

50+ Christmas Background JPEG Format Download

If you want to find more powerpoint templates for christmas please click on this link that is given below.

The Following link features these items.

  • 25+ Christmas Backgrounds.
  • 5 colours for each model.
  • 5 Models Diferents.
  • 3600*3600 pixels Dimensions.
  • Resolution: 300dpi RGB colour.

150+ Christmas Backgrounds Bundles

You can get more on the given link where you will get Free christmas templates.

The above shown pack contains 160 Christmas Backgrounds which can help you in your projects.

This pack contains the following items.

  • Fourteen Abstract Polygon Christmas Backgrounds.
  • Twenty Christmas Backgrounds.
  • Ten Christmas card Backgrounds.
  • Twelve Christmas gold foil Backgrounds.
  • Twenty Six polygon backgrounds.
  • Forty two Christmas paper backgrounds.
  • Twenty four blurred Christmas backgrounds.
  • Twelve Christmas Night Backgrounds.

Fur-Tree and Branches with glittering stars on wood for Christmas Decoration Background.

You can get more on the given link.

Christmas Decoration Background with Fur-tree branches and glass balls on wood.

You can find this image in downloadable format on the below link.

Christmas decorative background: fur-tree branches, golden glittering toy stars, golden, red and silver glass balls, cinnamon sticks and anise stars on a rough wooden desk with a space in the centre to copy the content.

Some more Christmas Decoration backgrounds

You can get more on the given link.

Fur-tree branches and leafs along with Christmas tree ornament. The above vector give you a neat space to convey your message to your friends and visitors. The vector is available for purchase on the above written link. You can get more on the given link.

Thread, oranges, golden balls and Fur-tree leaves in this above shown vector give a soothing look to this image. And like a cherry on the top of cake the given neat space to convey your message make this a wonderful choice for you to use it in your project work.

Now some more Christmas Background Decoration for download.

Digital Paper of Christmas Wood backgrounds with rustic Christmas backgrounds.

Available on the following link where you will get powerpoint christmas template.

The above products includes 12 pieces of Christmas Digital paper pack backgrounds with rustic Christmas backgrounds. Wood Grain Christmas textures, grungy x-mas shabby paper for every creative project possible. These wood paper can come in handy for any project work such as scrapbooking, Christmas card making, 3d card making, greeting cards, Christmas backgrounds, invitation cards, wall decal and many more.

In the above mention link you will get 12 high quality JPEG files with a dpi quality of 300 and dimensions of 12”*12” i.e 3600*3600 pixels. As Christmas represent joy and happiness we also selected the next pick just on the basis of colours used in it.


Wrinkled Paper Digital Template


  • You can get more on the given link.
  • Crumpled Paper this is a 12 pieces wrinkled digital paper template with old wrinkled textures in different colours and brighter shades. It can be easily used in every creative project work related to Christmas that required a bit of shabby old paper look. The projects which can be done by this above shown templates are shabby invitations for Christmas eve, 3D Christmas card making with high resolution textures, wrinkled effect Christmas greeting cards and much more. The above shown pack contains 12 high quality JPEG files with 300 DPI quality and with the dimensions of 3600*3600 pixels.As some like shabby paper look some like to decorate their virtual world with watercolours. Water colour digital paper soft pastel


You can get more on the given link. soft pastel edition give you a rich water colour feel and look to your project. The above shown template consist of 16 water colour digital paper pack with great pastel coloured watercolour/ water colour digital papers for Christmas greeting cards, E Invites for the Christmas eve party, Website backgrounds and website banners.The above pack consists of 16 JPEG files with 3600*3600 Pixels dimensions and quality of 300 dpi.

Christmas Holiday background with a Sack filled with gifts


You can get more on the given link.

Fully editable vector file is available on the above mentioned link.

Vintage Christmas Backgrounds


You can get more on the given link.

Vintage Christmas Card/Backgrounds.

Twelve Full Layered PSD

Ready to use High resolutions JPEG files.

6*4 inches dimension with the quality of 300 dpi.

100% resizable and fully Photoshop Vector Layers.

Christmas Party Flyer Templates


This time of year is not completed until there is a Christmas party. Now to gather crowd and to notify people about the arrangements made of the party some invites are needed. You can download similar template on the given link.

The above shown template is ready to use and are fully editable.

Christmas Background in Blue with Snowflakes EPS Download


Available on the below mentioned link.

There are wider range available over the internet. But more you look for it and more you get confused.

Festive Christmas Background with a cute Snowman


The above vector file is giving you a beautiful space to convey your thoughts to your viewers and visitors.

Cute Penguin-Polar Bear Gift Exchange Christmas Wallpaper


More related images are available on the below mentioned link. Click on the link to explore more and download the image.

The images are available to download in a higher resolution of 1920*1200.

Christmas tree Made of Purple Light Backgrounds.


The downloadable file is also available on the following link. Feel free to visit the link and support the designer.

Now when we are trying to decorate the Desktop and websites how can we ignore our Mobile devices. In this next picks we tried to bring the best options for Mobile device home screen and lock screen image backgrounds.

Christmas Snowflakes Wallpaper for iPhone/ Android/ Windows Mobile Phones.


More option with different colours are available on the given link.

This above shown wallpapers are available in six different forms to suits your mood and mobile phone colour whether it is an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, any android device such as Samsung Galaxy 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Nokia Lumia 1080 etc.

Some more Mobile wallpapers are shown below.

Volcano burst with the Gifts Christmas Background for iPhone/ Android/ Windows Mobile device.


Blue Background with white Christmas tree art work Christmas Background for iPhone/ Android/ Windows Mobile device.


Christmas tree decoration with Gifts under the tree Background for iPhone/ Android/ Windows Mobile device.


Christmas tree design with the laces and star Background for iPhone/ Android/ Windows Mobile device.


Christmas tree design with the line and star on Blue Background for iPhone/ Android/ Windows Mobile device.


I am sure, powerpoint template christmas article will be very helpful for you. If you have any issues regarding this article please write down in comment box. Don’t forget share this Article.

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