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Free Printable December Calendar 2023 with Holidays 

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The month which brings winter is December, the month full of festive eve’s, musical nights, and many more. Let’s take a look at the December calendar with holidays.

December is the last month of the year where we welcome new beginnings. Christmas is the main attraction of the whole month, the month which cherishes family gatherings, greetings, and lots of festive vibes. 

December Calendar with Holidays

December Calendar 2022 with Holidays  PDF

1st of December is known for Rosa Parks Day where we pay our respects to American Civil Rights hero 2 times a year it may be February 4 or December 1. On the day we recognize Rosa Parks who is a civil rights leader. In Schools and Universities, the day will be spent by remembering Rosa Parks and her work as a Civil Rights leader, sharing her role when it came under the Rights of Black Americans. 

Printable December 2022 with Holidays Calendar 

24th December is celebrated as the Eve of Christmas the day before Christmas, the day was celebrated around the world on the same day of every year. The day celebrates the birth of Jesus. The day is a full or partial holiday. They are one of the most culturally significant celebrations in Western society. The Churches ring their church bells and keep prayers in the evening. Midnight Mass is celebrated on Christmas Eve Day, to celebrate his birth traditionally at midnight. 

December 2022 Holiday Calendar  PDF

Christmas was celebrated around the world on 25th December of every year. It is celebrated religiously and culturally among billions of people throughout the world. The day is considered a public holiday for schools, businesses, and offices. The day in the West historically lasts for 12 days and rises on the Twelfth Night.

December Calendar 2022 with Holidays

The day was celebrated in a religious way among many Christians and culturally by many non-Christians. Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary initially at the time when they arrive in the city, they had no roofed home and they were offered a stable where the Lord Jesus has born, with angels proclaiming this news to shepherds who spread the world. The day was fully combined with customs.

December Calendar 2022 with Holidays PDF

People decorate their homes, gardens with lights, workplaces with lots of Christmas material and invite friends family, and exchange gifts. People living in the communities organize special events by decorating Christmas trees, planning a concert or performance. Many groups arrange food, shelter, and many charitable events for homeless people. 

December Calendar with Holidays PDF

December Holidays 2022 PDF

On 31st December of every year is celebrated as New year’s Eve the last day of the year. People around the world celebrate the day by saying goodbye to the old days and welcoming the new year. In some countries, the day is declared as a Public holiday whereas in some countries it is a government holiday. It is one of the biggest nights of the year. The day is a sign of a turning point in everyone’s life. The eve is a feeling of relief and everyone is thankful that the year is over, and they welcome the new phase of life with the new year

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