Hello Users! if you are looking Professional Executive Summary templates, then you are the right place, here you will get an amazing collection of Executive summary templates. The executive summary is the best way to represent your skills and work you have done so far, to get a good job or better opportunity incorporate, Executive summary plays a very important role and it is must require a thing in your resume, the improper executive summary can lead you to a bad experience so it should be perfect and striking but when you think about the executive summary, first thing came in mind is how to summarize the bundle of hundred or more pages of a report in a single page, It’s never been that easy! This tough task can take too much time, which can be several hours or maybe days, and even after giving so much of time, it’s not necessary that you came with the desired and impressive executive summary and of course, you don’t want to rework on the particular thing. So to make this process easy and convenient there are few tips to note down and few patterns to follow, by which you can save your time, without breaking a sweat and prepare the best executive summary which will lead you to great opportunities.     

image1 (1)Best Executive SummaryYou can always relate the executive summary to a persuasive sales pitch, the more impressive it would be, the more chances you will have to get the opportunity. This has nothing to with product appearance. It is more than an abstract which presents the rest of the document. It’s your unique chance to convince the reader that your work delivers the best value proposition.

As it helps to clear technicalities to concentrate on the benefits for the clients. 

How to Write an Executive Summary

Executive Summary First

The heading itself, by this you will make sure that the rest of your pitch will be affiliated with the persuasive information you want to deliver.

Executive Summary of Content

The executive summary should contain the main value proposition of your work, which should be grasped the reader’s eye. Go through the discussion will help you to diagnose the necessary information for pointing out your value proposition. It is required to go through all the suggestions given below to get the proper solutions, in order to prepare the best executive summary.

  1. Identify the USP – Point down the main benefits, take at least 3 benefits, the summary will be covering your potential and ideology. Put them in descending order according to importance. It should grab the reader’s attention quickly.
  2. For each act, write a simple impressive and declarative sentence by State, Prove & apply method. You will build reliability, thus giving the sureness to your client to make the right decision.
  3. Ask your client for action, it’s not the time or place to be nervous, as you are here to get your offer selected. So use effective words in your value proposition to enlighten the path of your client, Use W rule, i.e. (who, what, when, where, and how) such as how you will take action and what will be the agenda.
  4. Write it in the simplest way for best readability, do not use complicated structure, in this way you will ensure that reader is getting whatever you trying to explain.
  5. Recheck, Correct, and edit your executive summary if needed after writing it in full.
  6. Highlight the points if you find something complicated like terms and conditions. Which you can directly explain or consult.

Abstract vs. Executive Summary: The Differences

 Most of the people think abstract summary and executive summary are two different written materials, but usually, it consists of the same information there is not much difference between abstract and executive summary. The only difference is the source of uncertainty and confusion.

Executive Summary, Tips, Dos and Don’ts

Here are some ideas on how to write your executive summary and what not to write in it.

Do’s and Don’ts of Executive summaries:

  1. Be Impressive(As discussed above follow the format mention important points and USP  by using state, prove and implementation)
  2. Don’t highlight the demonstration( features can be discussed later)
  3. Use active voice sentences while writing the executive summary, avoid using passive voice sentences.
  4. Energetic, strong, and enthusiastic, and proactive language is the key to write an effective executive summary.
  5. Write simple and short sentences for the reader’s convenience to avoid complications
  6. Keep your summary short, that summarises 20 to 30 pages on a single page.    
  7. Follow the template for the executive summary to cover maximum points which can be considered.
  8. Don’t use unnecessary technical details, remember the person should be able to read it.
  9. Avoid jargon and write the definition
  10. Correct spelling, punctuation grammar errors.
  11. Write it for your client not for yourself (Use the name of your client’s organization more often instead of using your organization name frequently and do not start with the description of your organization)
  12. Write primarily about the client and their benefits, not about your product or yourself.

Executive Summary Sample

Here have a look at the executive summary example prepared for a company called United Health Academy, Inc (UHAI) which offers training programs to hospitals and health organizations the executive summary is the part of a proposal that UHAI would have sent in response to an institute.


Executive Summary Template Sample PDF Format


Project Executive Summary Template


Executive Summary

Make sure before using this content you need to change it according to your summary.

Executive Summary sample

How [Customer] Can Improve 

Patient’s Satisfaction And Employee’s Reward

As a Wisconsin Medical Center (WIMC), [CUSTOMER] knows that communication failure is a leading source of adverse events in health care. Indeed, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) identified communication failure as a pivotal factor in over 70% of more than 3,000 sentinel event reports since 1995. As of March 2006, nearly 80% of more than 6,000 Root Cause Analysis reports to the WI National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS) involve communication failure as at least one of the primary factors contributing to adverse events and close calls.

Following the suggestion from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report “To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Healthcare System“, recommending teamwork training to improve communication for health care organizations, United Health Academy, Inc. (UHAI) began developing a Medical Team Training (MTT) program in 2003. This program was designed to introduce communication tools to professionals working in WI facilities—tools that they can integrate into their clinical work.

The program you can subscribe to is comprised of three important components:

  1. Application, preparation, and planning;
  2. Learning sessions at the WIMC; and
  3. Follow-up data collection and support from involved WIMCs.

As of April 2006, 19 facilities were participating in the program, involving clinical units such as the OR (10), ICU (4), Medical-Surgery Unit (1), Ambulatory Clinics (3), and ED (1). The Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ), developed and validated by the Johns Hopkins Quality and Safety Research Group, was completed by each participant prior to commencing the session and repeated one year later. The SAQ measured a significant change in attitude and behavior regarding six factors: safety climate, teamwork climate, job satisfaction, working conditions, perceptions of management, and stress recognition.

Contact Information

[General Industry]
[Specific Industry/Segment]

Development stage

Year founded

Number of Employees

Funding Opportunity

Use of Fund
0% Product Development
0% Marketing/Sales
0% Operation/Inventory
0% Existing Debt
0% Legal/Other …

Current Monthly Burn Rate

Current Monthly Revenue

Existing Debt

Existing Investors
[Equity ratio/Amount]


[Provide a short description of the investment opportunity you are presenting in the form of vision and/or mission statement]


[Describe your target buyer’s need or desire. Avoid technical terms and only focus on explaining the opportunity. Include the profile of target customers]


[Describe how you want to address the need or opportunity. Concentrate on essential value proposition and customer benefits]


[Explain the potential profit from this project and provide supporting data such as market size, market share, and growth rate. Describe your revenue model and expected profit margin]


[Describe your current & future competitors and any other external risks that the investment may be exposed to. Demonstrate knowledge of the landscape and your competitive advantage]


[Describe how you plan to pull it off. Summarize your sales, marketing, development, and partnership plans. Highlight milestones achieved to date and planned for future]


[Describe the financial resources that you have or need to make the plan successful. Include available and projected cash, burn rate, and revenue. Explain how far will the investment take you and how do you plan to continue from there]


[Introduce your team and emphasize on what YOU bring to the table. Explain the role and responsibility of each member and any other human resources that you would need to execute the plan.]
[Describe the financial resources that you have or need to make the plan successful. Include available and projected cash, burn rate, and revenue. Explain how far will the investment take you and how do you plan to continue from there]


[Introduce your team and emphasize on what YOU bring to the table. Explain the role and responsibility of each member and any other human resources that you would need to execute the plan.]

Choosing [PROVIDER]’s training program to implement MTT communication principles in health care delivery will improve outcomes for your patients while rewarding your employees in the accomplishment of their daily tasks. When you consider the changes observed against the six factors mentioned above, you come to the conclusion that [CUSTOMER] will get significant benefits in selecting [PROVIDER] to train its caregivers to better deliver care services to the patient community.

Venture Choice Executive Summary

Here is the template for venture choice, you can get a brief idea about how to write an executive summary for venture choice.

Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan Executive Summary samples


Procurement details

Procurement Reference No.
Procurement title
Name of Responsible Agency/Entity

Supplier details

Name of supplier

Executive Summary


The executive summary should be a brief overview of the information contained in the Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan, highlighting how the business will positively impact on the local industry/economy. The summary can be in point form, addressing aspects such as:

  • the direct and indirect impact of the business (example staff employed/jobs created, goods/services expected to be purchased to complete the contract);
  • the opportunities the business will be providing for local SME companies and sub-contractors and how they will be identified and engaged;
  • how the business will ensure that local SMEs are not disadvantaged when competing with other suppliers; and
  • any broader economic or community benefits promoted through the business/supply.

Example – procurement of works for road upgrade

  • The business is a local SME and will be utilizing existing local staff for this project. There will also be an opportunity to employ additional local staff to undertake semi-skilled and unskilled labor.
  • A number of permanent staff and long term sub-contractors engaged by the business reside locally. 85 percent of the labor component of the project will be provided by local residents.
  • The business has committed to enter into a sub-contractor agreement with identified contractors.
  • Local suppliers will be utilized for core work activities as well as support services and accommodation.
  • Local staff will gain skills and experience to make them better placed for future opportunities and will also assist the broader community as the skills will be transferable.


The executive summary sample presents the unique selling point as discussed earlier. It is all about the quality and service with assurance to the client in order to persuade the client to use or buy your recommended services. The proposed method ensures that your message is dedicated to your client. Certainly, you are not offering more solutions, you are just speaking about the need of your client. It is purely devoted to their needs and our solutions and as you know just going through this is not enough you need to apply this.