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Hey Guys! If you are searching best templates of family tree templates then you are right place. Here you will get a quality diagram or chart of Family tree templates. People always have been very curious about their origination, genetics, from where they belongs, their relations and for your upcoming generation it would be a big question, As we know we are not immortals so who is going to answer these questions which will be coming from the next generation, or you might have the same questions in your mind too, because it is a deep study and a huge data to maintain, sometimes it became very complicated to understand the relations and connections of family members, to explain this relationship and hierarchy, you can use the illustration of a tree.

You know that tree contains a main stem branches leafs, same goes with families, ancestors, forefathers, grandparents then you and your kids there kids. It all goes same as in the tree, like ancestors are the routes, grandparents are the main stem, parents are branches and kids are leafs. So to make this process easy here are some ideas, for example a simple tree structure to make the family chart. You can prepare a model for family tree on any word doc and edit it, if there is new addition of any member. Family tree chart will be more convenient for the future generations to understand there family flow, so make sure that, there should be enough space even after the branches in order to add more inclusion.

Complete Family Tree Template

This family tree consist of simple structure that is Grand Parents, Mother, Father and their kids


To start you can take a simplest form of a family structure as you can see in this family tree, to avoid complications it’s a basic model to know about the blood relations as shown in the image to understand this let’s assume the main stem indicates the grandparents, there after parents and then the kids and other members like pets. This can be used to recognize the basic structure of a family. You can prepare a tree like this for your kids to make them understand the free family tree template structure easily.

Small Family Tree

This tree structure can be used for the nuclear family. Here you will get a best Family free templates for kids. Kids can use for making a good Family chart.


For kids it is hard to recognise all the relation together so start with yourself and this is Very simple structure to make them understand the foundation, the main branch is for parents and then baby branches for kids.

Family Tree Diagram Template


It’s a simplest format without any graphics. You can simply prepare it on word, according to your condition, also you can leave some space for future as for the new additions. Since it can be prepared online. It is more remarkably helpful for informing your family tree to friends and relatives by email. This diagram contains space for four eras in the commonplace standard association. You can also add the details about each members, which can help you to relate them easily with others.     

Three Generation Family Tree

As the heading shows, these are the free family tree structure that helps to bring down three generations counting that of the instant family. Grandparents on the top level then parents on second level and then the siblings on third level. If you want to expand it for both the side, i.e. maternal and paternal you can add subdivisions and prepare it according to your continence. For more idea you can take reference from other template given bellow also every case includes enough space for the details like names, birth dates and origination. Yet the preparation is free, so you can add as many information you need to add.     

Printable Family Tree


As the name says, you can simply prepare it on word, you will be the route or the centre of this chart, and the branches consist details about your father’s and mother’s family with the needed information like you can include the name, relation, anniversary, and birthday. The printable family tree is more conventional to understand. You can make it on a chart as well. If you are getting married this will be the time saver for your spouse to understand your family and the relation amongst them, As it is so confusing for a newcomer to understand the bonds and relations. So this is the thing you need to prepare right away for, your would be wife or husband.

Family Tree template


This family tree template, is a basic family tree which includes maternal and paternal both the sides, it is a brief explaining structure, helps to understand the hierarchy and the relation and association of the family members. All the siblings, cousins and other relatives are the part of this structure.     

Sample Family Tree Template


Sample family tree is for beginner, it is helpful to understand the structure and hierarchy of a family and give you the accurate idea to prepare your family tree. You can start with your grandparents or great grandparents, parents their siblings, then you and your cousins according to your convenience.       

Family Tree Template with Graphics


This is the best family tree, you can prepare. Using graphical tools, Utmost way to direct or explain family structure and easy to connect. You can add pictures and details of the family members and there associations. It would be a great idea if you are preparing it for your future generation. Because they will feel connected to their near and dear once as this structure contains the images of family members. And of course this is very useful for the new members of your family if you are getting engaged, you can simply use this structure to introduce your family to the related person before taking him or her to your place.   

  Family Tree Template with Siblings

Till now you have gone thru the templates which indicates about the simplest structure of a family, if you are having a big family with so many uncles’ aunts’ cousins then this template is going to help you to understand the structure in better way. It will include all the family relation in a single site. If you want you can include your paternal side and maternal side as well.


Family Tree Chart Template

A family tree chart is a kind of life saver, if you are slow at remembering Names, Birthdays wedding anniversaries and relationship. This tree chart contains every precise details about each and every member of the family you can make it as enormous as you want you can include family and friends too. If you want you can paste images in order to avoid confusion. When you prepare a sample family tree, leave some space so that you can include the new family members when they added. You can quickly access the details about every relative and easily be the favorite of every one by wishing them on the time.


Family Tree Power Point Template

Now to make the process bit more comfortable and advance, you can take help of power point to elaborate the Family Tree structure. By using power point you can simply prepare slide according to generation with related images and effects.  Also you can add various details related to family members like their birthday dates, anniversaries   occupations and blood groups, Yes you can add blood group too, it would be very helpful in case of medical emergency. It is a very convenient way to collect the family data which is easily accessible. In case of new addition in your family, simply edit the slide and here you go.     

Family Tree Template MAC

One of the most effective way to craft a family tree diagram, is to use the family tree tool available on Mac. It is very user friendly, the graphical interface of this tool will help you to create a model tree first to check the figures and other information. That is Name, birthdays, anniversary, and images and then you can finalize. You can also convert it in to word format if you need it in that format. You can get these tools from the given links

Macintosh Family Tree Template Generator – GEDitCOM II

Apple Mac Family Tree Template – iFamily for Tiger

Family Tree Builders

Some time it is not easy create the desired design and in that case you will lose your interest in creating the family tree. There are many tools by the help of that you can create a sample family tree, and you can check how user friendly it is. These tools let the people sign in and you will be able to save all the information on the word doc for the family, and edit the tree according to your convenience you can also save the information like date of birth, anniversaries, relationship and the images of the family members if needed. Few links are given bellow:   

Free Family Tree / Genealogy Program Builder – Check Here

Free Online Family Tree Maker Software – Click Here

Family Tree Builder Online Free Download

Photo Family Tree Template

You have gone thru so many ideas about how to make family tree above, now let’s see the artistic side, to make a simple tree as an example of your artistic creation, In this family tree you can add photo of every family member or friends next to the persons details also you can give artistic touch to the details by creating various colourful block with the help of art and craft tools. Firstly make a sample tree to get an idea about how it will look. You can explore the creativity cloud and get the best idea out of it.


Best Family Tree OF Young Couple

This is the most beautiful gift you can craft for your partner, if you just got hooked and planning to start a family you can create a family tree by keeping your future in consideration, you can start it with yourself and your partner as the route and leave the rest blocks blank. So you can edit it once you became parents and then addition can be done accordingly. Also you can include your pets in this tree so the upcoming generation can get the knowledge about the family members. For reference you can use the image given.   


Excel Family Tree Template

If you are having a large family or you are trying to make a family tree chart it is the best way. You can use excel sheet to make a family tree, in tabular form. It is suitable large family for example like the new grooms and the brides, new sisters and brothers in laws can be added to family tree branches can actually be better corresponding when created over the excel sheets.  


Genome Family Tree 

If you are interested in genetics, science or you are concerned about the origination than this template is for you. This flow chart can be for genetic study as well. This format consist of the name of the head of the family, the place from where the clan started, than the division of the next generation, and the medical history. If you are a medical guy and using it for genetic study you can also add the medical history of the family members’ blood group and habits of the person which will be helping you to predict the next generation’s biological problems. So you can work on that. This will be helpful in the term of the new generation as well because by the study of this chart they will be having enough information of their relatives and grandparents forefathers and there origin for an example you might have no idea from where your ancestors belong. You might be leaving in United States but there are chances that your ancestors may belongs to Germany or United Kingdom or you might be a royal blood and never knew about it. Defiantly once in a life time you have encountered with this question that from where my clan started and here is the solution of your problem. You can get the idea how to prepare this family tree you can take the reference form the image given below, have a look.    

image15 (1)

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