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Hello Users! If you are searching best design of Free Microsoft Publisher templates then you are right place. here you will get a awesome Publisher templates that would help you to publish your books. if you  Want to publish any kind of document such as a visiting card, any brochure, any other card than Microsoft Publisher is the tool that can give you a wide variety of options to make your Publishing document more attractive. The published document must be attractive, as it helps in gaining attention of audience. Microsoft Publisher is a program that is specifically designed for the creation of Publishing worthy documents. The focus in this program is put on Design and look then the content of the published document. Microsoft Publisher Templates are going to be useful as a backbone format of different documents types such as Visiting Card, Resume, Brochure and Flyers.

If you want some content to be noticeable than this is the right platform you can hop onto. According to trends now a days the first thing attracts us to any website, content, notice or advertisement is its appearance. Yes it is true that content has to be strong but that to keep audience there after they come. Just to lure the people in to view the content it has to be attractive in look. And as we say first impression is last impression, that’s also what a good looking document or file possess. You can ask yourself whether you look at a brochure or a pamphlet again if it was not appealing or visually eye catching. Obviously you would not bet an eye on that pamphlet or brochure again. The sole purpose of this launched program was to give beautiful designs or we can also say extraordinary designs. It can help you to make any document worth publishing and that is what market is looking for. You can choose from the variety of Microsoft Publisher templates and use it to make your document the best one among others.

In this blog we brought to you some basic ideas and Microsoft Publisher templates which can be used on different occasions. The templates are categorized according to their required scopes.

There are several uses of Microsoft Publisher but the main use of Microsoft publisher is in making of Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Company Brochure, Magazines, Flyers, Coupons, Door Hangers, Event Tickets, Posters, Website banners and Resumes.

Business Card Template for Microsoft Publisher



If you want to more business card for Microsoft templates then have a look


Fashion Flyer Template for Microsoft Publisher

RT0072301D-S (1)

If you wan to more then please click here to find get more templates.


Fashion Magazine Template for Microsoft Publisher



You can get this template here.


Real Estate/ Property Brochure Template for Microsoft Publisher

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You can get this template here:


The different usage of Microsoft Publisher. The folks who don’t know the use as well as do not know what Microsoft Publisher is, let us explain it for you in brief. The Microsoft Publisher is basically a specialized application by Microsoft which is somehow similar to Microsoft Word, but it is different in many aspects. Microsoft Publisher is more concerned about the artistic elements in a document. If you want to jazz up the appearance of a document or file you have to open it in Microsoft publisher and it allows you to edit it freely and the different tools of Microsoft Publisher will do the task.

If you are a designers or you have some creative element in you, and also you were having a hard time expressing your mind on the project due to lack of tools, then you can try Microsoft Publisher. It will allow you with an exposure to your creativity in order to edit the document according to your vision. With the help of Microsoft Publisher Software you can write, do 3D artwork, carry out animation or ever do the Publication work. You can also try your luck with Posters, flyers, booklets, brochures, Visiting cards, Greeting Cards, Initiation card and any such material. You can do all this work on Microsoft Word with little trouble, but Microsoft Publisher make it a piece of cake for you which we understand is not the same case with the Microsoft Word.

If you want to design the cover of a book or a Magazine cover or a Video Game cover you can count on Microsoft Publisher and expect all the assistance from that which you need to make your project.  The best thing about this application is that it has its own stack of templates which can be downloaded easily and put for a good use. The sole purpose of the template is to make our work easier and convenient, because all we have to do after downloading the template is to work as per the template.

Few Tips and Tricks if you are trying your luck with Free Publisher Templates for the first time.

If you are using Microsoft publisher for the first time in designing something, you have to keep this few tips in the mind and follow the instructions carefully. You can also keep a note of this tips if you are planning to use the Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Publisher Templates –

  • As you are working on your project and all of sudden you face a system crash, or application shut down or power outrage, no need to worry about your project loss. As the Microsoft Publisher offers you the option to “Auto Recover” with the help which you will be able to retrieve all the work you had saved last.
  • Wanted to make your Publishing document more interactive, than add lots of images to your content but always keep this in mind that only use images which are related to you content and have a human touch to it. By doing this you are getting a special attention from your readers as they will be able to connect to your content. Always add the picture with the right size and you can also easily change the resolution of the image.
  • The designed project of yours must be grabbing attention of the viewers or visitors. Whether you are using Microsoft Publisher or you are simply going for a template related to your content, just add a bold and smart outline to your image as it will make it stand out of the rest of the content on the page. It also make it look like attractive and more vibrant. Adding border to some specific content information will also work as a cherry on the cake. It will spice up your project.
  • Always choose the design of the template by thinking about the target audience with whom the project is going to be shared with. Just for an example- If your plan is to target audience who are going to purchase tickets, than you need to look for publisher ticket templates, or if your target audience is into Coupons than the Publisher coupon template will work best for it.
  • All the downloadable templates are customizable too. This means that if you want to work on a brochure project it is totally up to you. You can let your artist instinct take over you as you create the wonderful designs on Microsoft Publisher.

How to use Microsoft Publisher

The application of Microsoft Publisher free became immensely popular amongest the graphic designers in the years 2015 and earlier, but there are still some old school folks who find it slightly tricky to use. The following methods will help all to avoid difficulties while using Publisher-

There are so many ways that will help you to become a pro at Microsoft Publisher, one of them is to remember the shortcut keys for all the tasks as using shortcut keys help to reduce the amount of work done while editing. Remembering shortcut keys is not an easy task but you will get used to it by using it more often than doing it with the help of Mouse button.

Character Spacing will also help if you want to fit in more text in a limited space. Removing accidentally the text can be quite a headache which you can easily avoid by the help of drag and drop feature. As you can see there are no boundaries for the things which you can do with the publisher.

Whereas if you feel like you do not have enough time to sit around and go through all the options available, you could just go and download the related template. It consist of a design which is offered by publisher ready for print. All you have to do in this is to go through the options, select your desired template from the pool of templates and insert your content in it.

Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind while using Microsoft Publisher.


  • Always add relevant and attractive images with the correct dimensions.
  • Customize it in such a way that it can stand out from that of the others.


  • Never start work until you explore all of your options. Always keep your innovative side open.
  • Never insert the lots of design in the page just to make it more appealing, most of the time even a minimal look have its own appeal.

Real Estate flyer Template for Microsoft Publisher

You can get this template from here:

Sports Magazine Template for Microsoft Publisher

maxresdefault (1)

You can download this template from this link:


Brochure Template for Microsoft Publisher


When you are starting a new venture all you need as a first phase to interact with your target audience is decent Brochure.  Good and Decent brochure are the first introduction a potential client would receive about a particular business. This shown Microsoft Publisher Brochure Template already contains the basics of the templates.

You can download this free template from this link.


Some more ideas for Company Brochure Templates are here:

Free Brochure Template for Microsoft Publisher



Birthday card Microsoft Publisher Templates

There is some different excitement in creating creative things on your own. Let’s take the case of Birthday cards. If you are planning to convey your wishes to someone on his or her birthday like your friend or family member with a self-made card than you can take the help of Microsoft Publisher card template and you would be able to make a card up and either print it or email it to them. You can select your choice of card from the stack of Birthday card Templates available on the internet.


Free Microsoft Publisher Template for Birthday Greeting Cards


You can download this from the following link.


Free Microsoft Publisher Template for Birthday Cards Download



You can download this template from this link.


Free Business Cards Templates available to download for Microsoft Publisher


You can download the above shown template for free on the given link: http://www.layoutready.com/Free-Word-Templates/Free-Word-Business-Card-Templates-Download.aspx

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