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Hindu Calendar 2020 with Tithi Printable Template

Every civilization has its calendar and hence there is a Hindu Tithi calendar as well. The important events, dates, and festivals in the Hindu calendar 2020 are decided and calculated based on the position and movement of the Sun and Moon. As a result of which, you would find a noticeable difference in the timings of events and festivals in different locations all over India. Therefore setting up the correct location while looking up the Panchang is a very important task to obtain accurate results for whichever events you are looking up for.

Hindu Calendar 2020 with Tithi

Hindu calendar is also known for Vrat and Tyohar Calendar for HINDU Religion. Taking into account this, horoscopes are created and predicted.

Hindu Calendar 2020 with Tithi

Hinduism is a religion filled with colors of festivals and devotion. Every year we eagerly wait for one or the other festivals and calendars has made this possible for us to know when which festival or Vrat is about to start.

Printable Hindu Calendar 2020

The Panchang calendar 2020 helps you find out the ideal time to build a house, the panchang is where you find details of the stars and what your fate contains. The Panchang 2020 will help you to figure out all the auspicious and inauspicious times of the year and you can plan your important events of the life accordingly saving from the wrath of irregular motions of the sun and the moon.

India is a country where we have vivid cultures staying in one place. Right from the full moon, Purnima to new moon and no moon at all, Amavasya, you get the exact dates. Panchangs would provide you with the timings in this case and accordingly, you can avoid doing worships or acts you are not supposed to do during that duration. Lunar and solar eclipses although they have a scientific explanation, Panchangs provide you with the accurate details for the same, and Panchang 2018 has been designed to do the same.

Each one of us every morning scrolls through the newspapers to read our horoscope and in fact, we believe in what is written as well. The horoscope is prepared to calculate the orbit of the sun, moon, stars, and planets, i.e. celestial bodies. Horoscope experts Persons observe all of Dates and tithis and make predictions. As per Panchang 2020, predictions and forecasts for the New Year have already been made.

The Hindu calendar today shows 12 Hindu Calendar months, season’s division and covers 365 days of the years. It feels like to consider a particular date as the day Deepawali is to be celebrated. It is these dates, that we eagerly wait for knowing that after a certain time Diwali/ Dussehra/Christmas would come and we would rejoice and enjoy. Hindu and fast calendars have made this possible for all.

Vikram Samvat 2076

Be it Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Chauth, Mauni Amavas, Shiv Ratri, Holi, Jaya Ekadashi, the Hindu calendar 2020 indicates exactly the correct and accurate details of which event falls under which date. Without thinking twice, you can easily look up at the calendar and know which Vrat you are supposed to follow and can make all the necessary arrangements for the same. The Panchang has so much of value in each one of our lives, that even your marriage ceremony and your child’s name keeping ceremony is performed after looking up an auspicious date where all the celestial bodies are in your favor and the Gods would shower all their blessings on you for a happy, successful, prosperous and peaceful life.

Here at this page, you would find a downloadable and readable version of the most recent Hindu calendar 2020. See our page and dig out at the important dates in this year and go about planning your life accordingly right so that you can enjoy the coming year to the fullest. Make plans and arrangements for Dussehra, Diwali, Holi, and stay up to date with all the information of anything that is to commence and even make others in the family aware of the same.

Panchang 2020 Calendar

Panchang 2020


Panchang 2020 Calendar

March Panchang 2020 Calendar

April Panchang 2020 Calendar

May Panchang 2020 Calendar

June Panchang 2020 CalendarJuly Panchang 2020 Calendar

August Panchang 2020 Calendar

September Panchang 2020 Calendar

October Panchang 2020 Calendar

November Panchang 2020 Calendar

So here you go folks, here you would find a compiled list of all the festivals and fasts as per the Hindu Panchang. Be it a festival, a date, a time, a perfect combination of all the Nakshatras in the galaxy, any prediction to be made based on the events high up in the sky that is depicted by the Panchang just visit this page and you will find all the necessary information here. Different websites show different calendars and calculations, but here at this page, the list has been prepared in collaboration with astrologers and experts who work in this field so that you get all the exact information, handy at one place with ease when needed. Hindu Calendar 2020 Download a PDF, store a soft copy, print out a hard copy or you are in need of a pocket-sized calendar to keep with you, you would find it all here.

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