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Hindu Calendar 2023 Template – Free Printable [PDF]

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Hindu Calendar 2023 -The Hindu calendar, also known as the Kalinga calendar, is a numeric Hindu calendar used in India. It is named after the Kalinga kingdom, which was a major centre of scholarship during the 8th to 12th centuries CE.

Hindu Calendar 2023

The Hindu calendar is a lunar calendar used in India and Nepal. The calendar has 12 months, with each month divided into three weeks. Each week has seven days. The first day of the month is Monday and the last day of the month is Saturday. The Hindu calendar uses an extra day, called Sunday, to make up for any leap years that might occur.

Hindu 2023 Calendar PDF


The Hindu Calendar 2023 Template uses the Gregorian calendar, so adding and subtracting dates is easy. This spreadsheet also allows you to calculate leap years, which are not part of the Hindu calendar.

The Hindu Schedule is a unique and complex system of timekeeping. It is composed of 12 months, each with 31 days, and a year has 365 days. The Hindu Schedule is often used to schedule religious ceremonies and holidays. Hindus are also known for their devotion to various deities, which can be found throughout the month names. For example, the month of January is dedicated to the god Vishnu, while February celebrates Shiva.

Printable 2023 Hindu Calendar 

The Hindu Calendar, also known as the Kalinga calendar, is a solar calendar used by Hindus in India and Nepal. It is the predominant calendar in use in South Asia. The calendar was developed in the 4th century BC by Indian astronomer Aryabhata. The Hindu Schedule is based on the positions of the sun and moon throughout the year. The months are based on their apparent movements as seen from Earth.

Printable 2023 Hindu Calendar


There are 12 months in a year, each with 30 days. There are three seasons: winter, summer, and autumn. The Hindu calendar has an extra month called “shave” which is added every three years to make up for the difference between a lunar year and a solar year. When shava is added, it moves the end of summer forward by about seven days. 

The Hindu Schedule is a lunar calendar that is used in India for religious and civil purposes. It has 354 days divided into 12 months, with each month having 30 days. The first day of the month is called Pongal and the last day of the month is called Vishu. The months are named after natural elements (fire, water, wind, earth), animals (trees, cows) or mythical characters (Krishna, Rama).

The  Hindu 2023 Calendar PDF can be used to plan events and appointments. It is also helpful for keeping track of holidays and special occasions.

Hindu Calendar 2023 Template


The Hindu Calendar, also known as the Vedic calendar, is an ancient lunar calendar. It is used by Hindus to determine religious and secular events. This year’s Hindu Schedule has been released and it has a few interesting changes. The most significant change is that the new Hindu Schedule starts on February 2nd, 2023 instead of January 1st like the current calendar does.

Hindu Calendar 2023


This means some religious festivals will fall on different days this year, and some secular events will happen later in the year. For example, Dussehra, which marks the end of the festival of Ramayana, will now fall on October 2nd instead of September 29th. There are a few other minor changes too; for example, Ganesh Chaturthi will now fall on August 11th instead of July 10th.

Looking to learn more about the Hindu calendar? Here’s a handy 2023 Hindu Calendar Template to help you keep track of important dates for Hindus in 2023.

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