Islamic Calendar 2019 | Hijri Calendar 1440

The Islamic New Year is basically on the 21st of the month of March which usually falls on a Sunday, and this is also known as the 1ST Muharram. Coming to the day of Ashura, it is being marked on the 30th of the month of August which falls on a Tuesday. Another significant day in the Islamic calendar is the birth of prophet Muhammad which usually falls on the 29th of the month of October which is again a Sunday.

Islamic Calendar 2019

Islamic Calendar 2019

The first Ramadaan of the Islamic calendar is on the 25th of the month of April which does signify the starting of fasting. Whereas the ending of fasting which is known as the eid-ul-fitr usually falls on the 13th of the month of October and on a Saturday. The day of sacrifice which is called as Eid-Ul-Adha is being noted on the 31st of the month of July which further falls on a Friday.

The jumada al-awwal, 1441 is the hijri month when converted from the western month of January 2020. From February 2020, jumada al-thnai,1441 is being converted to this respective hijri month. Similarly the march 2020 is being converted into rajab, 1441 hijri month as accordingly.

Hijri Calendar 1440

The month of April for the year 2020 is being converted to shaban,1441 in the form of the respective Hijri month. The may 2020 month of the respective year is being converted into further hijri month which is ramadan,1441. The month of June of the respective year will be converted to the Hijri months which is shawwal,1441.

The July month for the year 2020 converts the western month to the Hijri months which is named as the dhu al-qidah,1441.the dhu al-hijjah,1441 is the converted hijri month name for the month of august in the respective year 2020. For the respective month of September, Muharram,1442 is the new converted hijri month from the respective western month.

Urdu Calendar 2019

The month of October for the respective year 2020 has the converted hijri month name as the safar,1442. The rabi al-awwal,1442, is the respective converted hijri month name for the respective year 2020 and for the respective month of November. Lastly, for the month of December for the year 2020, the converted name of the month of hijri from the respective month of western is being named as rabi al-thani,1442.

Arabic Calendar 2019

Basically, the moon’s movement does decide the calendars of the Islam. At the very first beginning, the moon is being observed clearly at the starting of the month and the moon’s visibility at that time does depend on a lot of factors which does include the weather and many other as such.

Islamic Calendar 1440

The starting of the new month is being done after the moon is being visible to all the respective people. Typically, the cycle of lunar starts the respective every month. This proves that the Islamic calendar does give an insight on when what events is to occur and take place, the main events basically are being decided by the moon itself, by its further visibility and movements.

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