Free Letter of Intent Business Templates, 15+ Samples and Tips

Introduction to Letter of INTENT Business Templates.

A letter of Intent is normally done when there is a deal between two business parties. It is a specific document before finalized the deal . It may be the Lease agreement , real estate agreement, Co working agreement and many more Legal things.

A business Letter of Intent is needed whenever  the deal is finalized. It can be anything like merging of the companies, Product Price , signing a deal which will give you the profit for your company. Likewise , this Letter of Intent business is very much important in corporate life. Lets see the some business templates of Intent Letter.

Proposal Letter For the Partnership

XYZ  Organization

12, Manish Nagar


14th April

  1. Arun Verma

Warna Soft ram Nagar,

Haryana -4400125

Respected Arun Sir,

The purpose of XYZ organization is to make the business deal with WarnaSoft Company. It will be a  great opportunity for us to work with your company.

We have heard your Company name for developing the apps. So it would be the great if your company will help us in developing an app for our company.

XYZ Organization is a nonprofit organization with its main motto is to  give education online to the students. The details of our organization I have attached in the PDF form . Hope warna soft will help us to make an app for this purpose. It will be a  great help for us.

Your generous help us to develop the sustainable growth plan. We look forward to have a meeting with you to know about our organization as well as we can discuss about the deal with your company.


Sanjay Gupta


Business Developer of XYZ Organization

In the given business letter of intent sample, we have seen that , we have sent the initial proposal , here we haven’t finalized any deal . We only mentioned the purpose of making this deal. The letter of intent, it used to make more deals,connection with the other companies. Hence it plays an important role in the business.

Let see why it is important

  • Because it keeps the record of initial business meeting’s purpose
  • Sometimes confidential information also shared in order to finalize the deal
  • The date at which they have to sign the agreement as well the date at which transaction closed. This record you will find in the business letter of intent.
  • If you want to proceed the deal with an organization that will also include in the letter of the intent.

In this way the  Letter of  Intent is important in the business. It serves the three purpose  first is to send the proposal to have the deal with the business party. Second to sign the agreement and share the confidential information that binds between the two companies . And third is to proceed the deal if the deal is giving some profit to the company. In the whole document whole terms and conditions, Product Price, Asset Details, Some confidential details as well as a progress record of the initial business meets up.


Now  we will see how to write a business Letter of Intent

How to write the business letter of intent

Few things are necessary while writing the Letter of Intent

  • Give Introduction about yourself .

If you are the company representative then introduce about your post in the company as well as address , name of the company. Then mentioned the address of that company with whom you want to make deals. That means buyers as well as sellers should give an introduction about each other.

If you are the student then you have to give an introduction before proceeding the application . If you are writing the letter of the intent for the institute then in that case you have addressed  it for the specific institution .

In this manner the introduction should be mentioned  in the first paragraph.

  • Purpose of writing the Intent Letter

In the second para the purpose of writing the intent letter must be mentioned. You should know why you are writing the Letter what is the purpose behind it. In this paragraph you have to tell your skills , you have to convince that why you are the best among all. How your knowledge will help them . Which things motives you to work with them. In this para don’t shy what you want to say just say it.

  • Request for the response

 Express how much you are interested to work with them. So that they will know it. Then mentioned your correct address as well as your contact no.

After knowing the how to write the Intent letter. You have to make the Intent letter in rough work before finalizing it . While writing the Intent letter make sure you have to think at micro level . And then finalized the draft. Once you finalized the draft, then take a break before editing the draft of intent letter.After that edit the final draft at micro level. The flow of the content must show connectivity with the whole content. If you are unable to find then check it from your friend again and again.

Mentioned the contact details in the Letter of the intent.

In this case we have seen the how to write the letter of the intent of the job application. Letter of intent plays the important role in the business letter. To finalize the business deal . In that case also we have to introduce our organization in detail as well as the company representative need to give their introduction in detailed words. In the business template many things have been shared between the two organization some information are confidential , Some are related to the common project details, transaction details . Before Writing the Business Intent Letter you need to form terms & condition on both the parties. The date you have to decide at which you have to sign the agreement . The period of the deal these things also needed to decide.

While writing the Business Letter of Intent following things are necessary to be noted

  • Fixed the period of the deal
  • Find out the each detail of the company before fixing the deal
  • Be confident to mention , which things you are expecting from the opposite party.
  • Fixed the date at which both parties will sign the agreement.
  • Be conscious while sharing the confidential documents with the opposite party.
  • All the terms & conditions must be mentioned in the document

Writing the good business letter it may take some time as well as effort. The above things are necessary to keep in mind while writing the business template. Here I am sharing the business template example.

[Sender’s Name]

[Street Address]

[City , Zip code]

[Date at which you are applying]

[Receiver Name ]

[Employee Name]

[Company Name]

[Street Adress]

[City, Zipcode]

Respected[ Receiver  Name ] or you may include [to whom it may concern ],

[ 1ST Para Include :

  • Introduction about the organization
  • Purpose of writing the letter ]

[2nd Para include :

  • Additional Information : Aggrement date, Period of the deal , confidential document , merging related information ]

[ 3rd para include :

Close the letter in a polite manner ]


[ Signature ]

[Your’s name ]

[ Title ]kkaWhy we need Letter of Intent Business Template ?

Designing the intent letter that means making the mutual connection between the two business parties. In the business two persons are main one is buyer another is the Seller. In the buyers and seller Letter of Intent is important . Let us see , I would like to share an  example with  you all .Sometimes buyers are hurry to make LOI.So they have to decide the market price in the specific year where they are selling their property. And suppose the period of the LOI is 3 years in these  three years the market price which has decided by the buyer will be same. Now you can think  that between the three years how many things will be changing . but the terms and price of LOI it will be same in these three years. If the LOI made in the 1st year , if the price of property is 100rs in that year.then after two years if the price is 300 rs. Then buyers decision was wrong before making the LOI. This is the reason why Letter of Intent for business is important .

If someone wants to end the business contract  then in that time also LOI is needed . Here we are sharing the business template which is related to end the business contract.

Dear [Receipant Name …. ],

We would like to inform  you that our business deal  period is ended . So I would like to terminate all the service from [company name]. Your company provided good service as well assistance in the past experience.But now we would like to end this deal because this deals not giving any benefit to our company.

We have paid all the outstanding amount in our account on [date].

Kindly confirm this request for terminating this contract.If you want to discuss with us you can contact on our email address as well as phn .no

Thank You!



This was one of the template for ending the contract. In this LOI it can be usefull in many ways like it keeps the track of record between two business party. Now let us see the business template for the partnership.

Business template for the partnership

Dear [ Receipant Name ],

We would like to introduce our company . XYZ Pvt.Ltd it mainly focused on entrepreneurship development  training. It is a nonprofit organization. We are giving the chance for the experiential learning for the students.

Your company is famous for the soft skill development. In the city we have heard your name . It would be a  great opportunity if we will get the chance to work with you. That will help to our organization. In this respect we would like to make the partnership with your company.

If you want to know about our company, here we have attached some informative documents. Or you can visit at our website to know our work. And if you want to discuss about this proposal then connect with us over the phone call as well as by email.

Thank You So much! We will be waiting for your Response.




This business LOI it is an initial proposal for the partnership. This partnership it may help the other parties. If it is really helpful then other party would like to extend the contract.Otherwise they will murge their business. Likewise this LOI is very useful. Now let us see some more business templates .

15+ Letter of Intent Business Template

  • Business Template for all types of Business

Dr. Rao

R.K Hospital

Delhi -40025

April 13,2017

Dr. Smith

Xaviers Hospital

London 77771

Dear Dr. Smith,

We are having the pleasure to invite you for the Medical progress until now  which is being organized this year in Delhi , India. Your presence will add more value for this program. In our program we are giving you the opportunity to discuss your journey within thirty minutes in next 20 minutes there will be question answer session.

We are ready to provide you accommodation facility, As well as travel Plan.

Kindly reply as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements.  For more details contact us on the given phone no as well as you can reply on email.

Thank you !

Best Regards

Dr. Rao

 [Buyers Details ]

  1. X

XYZ Colony

Hariyana – 4400127


[Sellers Details ]

Mr. Y

XYW  Colony

Hariyana -4400135


Dear Y ,

As per advertisement , you have posted in the Newspaper we would like to buy your property for the mentioned amount in the newspaper. And we request you kindly give the permission to pay the amount in the installment.

Before finalise the deal I want to know each details of your property  within 30 days.

As these not the official letter. But this LOI Terms & Condition will be changed after 30 days after buying this property.

Kindly reply us as son as possible.

T                                                     Thank You !





  • Letter of Intent for the application of INTERNSHIP program in the organization.


Anuj Patne

42, Madhuban Layout

Nagpur -440012

23rd july 2015


Manoj Kumar

Internship Co- Ordinator

New technology , Delhi -440025

Dear Mr. Manoj Kumar,

I would like to take this golden Oppportunity to work as an Intern in your Organization ‘New Technology’.  I have received your email regarding Internship Offer from And it is one of my dream internship to work with you .

Right now I have completed my graduation and doing PG in MBA . These internship experience will somehow helped me in my studies. I totally impressed by your different method which you are using in the market.

I would like to accept this Intenship Offer . I am available in the Winter Season from 4-10-15 to 4-11-15. For any detailed information you can email me as well as contact me on the given

Best Regards,

Anuj Patne

  • Business Letter of Intent for saying Thank You !

27th august 2014

Thank You !

Dear [Client Name..]

[Company name] would like to express our gratitude to say thank you for the best services you have provided us in the Event.

We are very happy with your service. Hope in future if we get the chance would like to grow the business relation with you. We are event management firm in future we will be organizing various events.

So I would like to make the partnership deal with your company. Once again thank you so much for your great assistance . We are waiting for your reply , send us as soon as possible.

Thank You!

Best Regards

XYZ Organization

  • LOI Template for Resignation Retirement Application

 Dear Manager,

I would like to give a notice regarding my retirement from the  Assistant Professor Position at S.V . Mahavidyalaya, Pune.

I have enjoyed my 10 years experience in this institute. Many things I have learned ,made friends. I am satisfied with this experience.

As per the terms included in the employment letter , I would like to work in your organization for next five years. During notice period if you think any area I can work please let me know.

Thanks for giving me opportunities as well as some challenges during my employment period. It has been great experience with this institute.

Hope we will be stay in touch in future.

In future if you need any kind of help from my side , I will be ready for this. I will be happy if you will be giving me chance to work for these institute.

Thank You !

Best Regards

Signature  of Assistant Professor

Date :


 Tips for writing the LOI for the business Template

 Many organizations are using the business letter of Intent for many purposes. Without this LOI, they never finalized the deal, merging the business, as well as product. Because this LOI keeps the track of record about the deal.

LOI it is non legal document which includes information about deal, project as well as information of the organization. Terms and condition , which things are necessary everything is mentioned in the LOI.

Here I would like to share the some tips  for writing the business Templates.

  • The LOI must be brief it should give the proper information about the proposal .
  • The Organization address as well as contact details of the representative of the company should write on the right hand side of the business Template.
  • While writing the name of receipant it is necessary to include ‘Dear’ as well as ‘ to whom it may concern’.
  • Mentioned the date at the left hand side of the template.
  • Once you started to write the LOI , the first para includes the introduction of the organization as well as purpose of writing the LOI.You have to explain that how this project will be helpful for both the companies. The amout you are sharing for this project.
  • Include in the LOI if you need the funding for this project , if it is needed then mentioned the details from which you will be taking the funding in one paragraph.
  • You also mentioned the thank note in the LOI who is provide you funding . after that just review the summary, Focus on the main goal.
  • If some additional documents are necessary then please attached the documents in the PDF Format.
  • LOI it is initial proposal request before finalizing the deal with the another parties so you have to mentioned each details of project, as well as funders help , as well as details of the Organization.
  • Be careful while sharing the Confidential details with the other parties. If it is needed or will help to finalize the deal then it will be needed to share.
  • At the END of LOI it is necessary to give the contact details as well as email id for the further connectivity .
  • Finalise the period of the deal before sending the LOI . As well signed the agreement with business party.
  • While signing the LOI use proper salutation at the end like ‘sincerely’, ‘Best Regards ‘ or ‘respectfully’ don’t use overfriendly salutation.

I think this article will give the overview of LOI for the business templates. We have seen how the LOI is needed for the Business deal. And why we are sharing the business templates with you, so that you cant do the mistake in the future. Intent letter is very usefull whether you are applying for the job, resigning the job, for the retirement purpose . Not only in the business it helps for the other purpose also. Because of this importance of LOI We have shared the each details of this LOI with you. Please share this articlewith your dear and near ones. Please keep visiting for more updates.



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