The military pay chart is quite complicated but it mainly consists of two parts which are base pay and special pay. In the category of base pay, we look at the base salary of a soldier in an army, the time served in the army and the rank occupied are the two requirements for your salary while in the special pay, we look at the special endorsements paid by the government to the soldier for his special skills or talent contributed to the army for the benefit of the nation.

Military Pay Chart

The need for a military pay chart? The need for a military pay chart is a chart or a table that to show what the soldier supposed to have to earn as a salary, the allocation of this salary, for example, cost living allowances, housing allowances, and so on. This chart different from the army to army and country to country because different countries have different requirements to join the army and so is for their army pay chart.

Military Pay Chart

The benefit of military pay chart is to motivate the soldier to serve his country at his fullness so that the individual does have any negative or bad idea towards his country for which he has to swear to devoted his life and his soul. This includes allowances such as housing, a free school for their children, a good salary, and so on. If the soldier can receive what he has been promised, he will serve his country faithfully while if it’s not the case, he will think of betraying his country or selling some country secret to the competitor so that he can have something that will help him and his family to survive.

Military Pay Chart Template

Army Pay chart Template

There are some factors that affect the military pay chart and these factors dependent also on the country and rank you occupying in the army. Those factors are:

  • The Annual Pay Raise,
  • The longevity you served or serving the army,
  • Promotions,
  • Basic Allowance for Housing Increases,
  • Basic Allowance for Subsistence Increases,
  • Cost of Living Allowance Increases,
  • Some special pay may be based on occupations such as language skills, combat, flight, hazardous duty, etc…

Army pay chart Template

The department or the person responsible to pay the soldier depends on the country predefined structure because, in some countries, they have been paid directly to their bank account while in others, you need to refer to the finance department of the military unit because they have the record of all the current and former soldiers (veterans) and know how much each of them earns and pay them according to that.

This army pay chart also depends on the branches of the military you belong to because in every country. There are many divisions or branches of army available and each of them has a different pay chart. For example in the United States of America, a Navy soldier earns differently with the one who is in the Marine Corps.