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New Zealand School Calendar 2022 | NZ School Holidays 2022

New Zealand School Calendar: Schools are basically those public institutions which are highly punctuated of the times and therefore we all have to follow the timetable of school in a similar manner. NZ School holidays are the part of all the schools in NZ and the NZ school holiday calendar is what can offer you the holidays schedule for the whole year.

If you want a proper schedule of New Zealand schools from which you can have direct access to the holidays and the term dates for the year of 2022 then you are just reading the appropriate article. Here we are going to provide you with the same schedule which you can use for the education of your kids who are studying in the schools of NZ.

New Zealand School Calendar 2022

Well, as we have already stated in the article above that the schools have a fixed and very strict schedule for the students, which is highly unlikely to any variations therefore as a student you must have the full schedule of the school in order to be in time with your specific school.

New Zealand School Calendar 2022


We are having the decent printable NZ school calendar for the year of 2022 which can be used by the students and their parents in the accomplishment of the same purpose. Using this calendar you don’t have to worry to memories your schooling schedule for the whole year as this calendar will show up the proper list of the holidays along with the term dates.

Printable New Zealand School Calendar 2022-2023

Holidays of the NZ schools are those days when the schools of the country don’t offer the regular educational classes to the students rather on these days all the schools remain shut off.

NZ School Holidays 2022


So, if you are wondering as to what are the holidays that you are going to get in the year of 2022 of your school then you must check out our holiday list of the NZ school holidays. The list will provide you with the schedule of all the schooling holidays which may be in the nature of public or federal holidays etc. You can take the printable template of the list so that you can easily refer this holidays schedule.

Name of Holidays 2020 Date of Holidays 2020
New Year’s Day January 1
Waitangi Day February 6
Good Friday April 2
Easter Holiday April 5
Anzac Day April 25
Queen’s Birthday June 7
Labour Day October 25
Christmas Day December 25
Boxing Day December 26

School Holidays Calendar 2022 New Zealand

If as a student you want to make the most of your school holidays then it is advisable for you to have the pre-information about all the prevailing holidays. Once you are aware with all the upcoming holidays, then you can arrange that holiday period in accordance with your own requirements, for instance, you can spend that time in recreational and such other activities.

School Holidays Calendar 2022 NZ


In a similar manner, you can define and dedicate these holidays in your own manner, but before that you must be having the full schedule of these holidays. You can check out the complete holiday schedule of NZ 2022 in the below section of the article.

New Zealand School Term Dates 2022

The term date is the other significant aspect of the schooling education which implies that period of the schools when they are actively offering the regular classes to the students.

NZ School Term Dates 2022


Being a student of the NZ schools you must be having the full information about the term dates of the schools so that you don’t miss out on any of the important classes or the exams. You can check out the complete NZ term dates schedule here below for your easy reference.

Starting of Term Dates 2022 Ending of Term Dates 2022
Term 1 Duration of 10-11 Weeks Starting from January 31/February 8 April 14 ( Holiday April 16-May 1)
Term 2 Duration of 10 Weeks Starting from May 2 July 8 (Holiday July 9- July 24)
Term 3 Duration of 10 weeks Starting from July 25 September 30 (Holiday October 1-October 16)
Term 4 Duration of 10 Weeks Starting from October17 December 20


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