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INDIA, being a socially diverse and enthusiastic community, celebrates different holidays and festivals. There are many national holidays in India:- Republic day on 26th January,  Independence day on 15th August  and International Worker’s Day on 1st May and so on..,

States have local festivals depending on commonplaces spiritual and semantic demographics. Popular JAIN   festivals include Mahavir jayanti, Diwali, paryushan and Sikh festivals  like Guru Nanak Jayanti and so on..,

Indian Holidays Calendar 2019

Indian Holidays Calendar 2019

Hindu festivals of Makar Sankranti, Durga pooja, raksha Bandhan, Onam etc.., Muslim festivals of Eid ul-Fitr,Mawlid Muharram and so on Buddhist festivals like  Buddha Jayanti, Ambedkar Jayanti etc.., and Christian festivals of Christmas.

Yearly Calendar 2019 with Indian Holidays

Yearly Calendar 2019 with Indian Holidays

Hindus celebrate a number of festivals throughout the year. Hindu festivals have one or more of religious, mythological and seasonal importance. The fulfillment of the festival, the typology used and connect, and the style and intensity of celebration vary from region to region within the country.

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