Free Printable Calendar 2019 with Indonesia Holidays

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Indonesian holidays are decided each year by Joint Ministerial Decree. Every year, holiday dates are persistent by various different ministers, sections of organization and legal orders.

The approach of ‘cuti bersama’ has been brought in by the Indonesian Government with the ambition to build up domestic tourism. Joint holidays are provided to continue holiday weekends (commonly given on a Monday or Friday). Thus, if a public holiday falls on a Thursday, then  the ‘joint holiday’ program boost your employer to give you the Friday off so that you have a four-day weekend.

2019 Yearly Printable Calendar with Indonesia Holidays


According to Article 85 of ‘Act 13 of 2003 Indonesian Manpower/ Labour Law’, workers are not compelled to work on public holidays. However, if work is required to be done on public holidays, employers are subject to pay overtime payments to the workers.

Indonesia Holidays Calendar 2019

Indonesia Holidays Calendar 2019

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