Professional Character Reference Letter

 Introduction to Character Reference Letter

Character Reference letter plays a vital role in the professional life. Someone Can define your character if you know that person very well. Like your friends know your compatibilities, Nature , Attitude towards your work. Character Reference it may be given by your colleagues , friends,  Neighborhood. If you are looking for a job, then you need some professional reference to stand in the race, and get the job easily. In the whole article you will understand the importance of character reference letter.


Now we will see  how to write the character reference Letter which things are necessary  while writing the Character reference Letter.

Lets see the DO’s Of the character reference letter template

  • Highlight the key qualities of the person which are necessary if he/she is opting for the Job or taking the admission in schools/colleges.
  • Mentioned the person’s capabilities, Loyality , Personality,academics details of the person that will help the person.
  • Do discussion with the person in order to know the strength and weakness of that person.
  • Once you find out express it by using the powerful words as well as phrases while writing in a character reference letter.
  • Provide High ranking if he is having some skills.

Which things you should avoid while Writing the character reference letter Lets see  don’t of character reference letter

  • Don’t write the same key points which have already written in the resume of the Employee.
  • Don’t elaborate the key strength too much, so that it seems to be something real.
  • Design the character reference not same for the everyone otherwise if the  same person is applying for the same post will have the same character reference letter.

Now I am just sharing a tip with you guys , so you will know how to ask someone to write  the character reference letter

  • Find the person who knows you better

 The First thing which you have to do is find that person who know you in the best manner. So that he can write honest about your key strengths.. That person may be your senior employer, your friend, your neighborhood also.

  • Second  thing Know yourself

While providing information first thing is you have to know yourself. So that you can freely share the information with the person who writing about your character. Tell them about your past experience in the professional life as well at present, which opportunities you are looking for.

  • Give a thanks note

 Once your character reference letter is finished, don’t forgot to appreciate the efforts given by the person. You just need to say thanks to the person for helping you. Or you can give him the thanks note.

What happens if someone is asking you to write the character reference letter for them ?

Here are some tips that youhave to keep in your mind while writing the reference letter.

  • Find your ability

 Before Saying Yes to Someone to write the character Reference letter for them. If you are confused about abilities you can say No in a better way like I think I am not having good writing skills which can express your key strengths in a unique way. So you have  to first find out your capabilities before making the decision to write the letter or not.

  • Collect the Information

Once you make the decision to write the reference letter. The First thing is you have to know the person very well. You have to discuss with him to know his Key strengths. You can’t copy his key strength which has mentioned in the Resume. Once you collect the information of the person you can write in a unique way by using the powerful words with phrases.

  • Share Your Contact Details

You have to share your contact details in the reference Letter . So the person who is referring the character reference letter can reach towards. To know whatever written in the content are trustworthy.

  • Check The Content

Make Sure, whatever content you have written it should have properly checked. Like No grammatical, spelling mistake present in the Character reference letter. Use proper adjectives. Check the content  with your friends. Now, after reading this article You get an Idea of how to write character reference letter. As well as Which things are necessary or avoided while writing the content.  So one thing is clear that while writing the letter , the person’s intellectual and personal qualities must be highlighted in the letter.Now you will see how many types of Character Letter

What are the different types Of Character Sample Letter?

Depending upon the occasion you will need the character reference letter. Sometime if you are hunting the job in that case you will require the reference letter, If you want to write reference letter for someone in that case you will search on the internet you will see the different templates of character reference letter.  So Dear Folks! If you are ready to download the different types of templates you are on the correct destination.


Here I am sharing top 5 types of the Character reference Letter

  • Character reference letter for friends
  • Character reference letter for job
  • Character reference letter for Rental
  • Character reference letter for Court
  • Character reference Letter for the babysitter

Now I would like to share the templates of different sample character reference letter .

  • Character Reference letter for the friend

 To whom it may concern,

I  Would like to recommend you (Name )Since I know him from (Length of time).

I can give you the assurity that this person will give you assistaaance whenever you will need.

(His/Her)academic background is very good .( He / She) is having managerial skill ,good communication skill . He will be the best client for your company. I think his contribution will leads success towards your organization.

Thank You!



  • Character reference letter for the job application

 To whom it may concern,

I am honored to write this letter on the behalf of Miss Nisha Warma, I know her since 12 Years.

Nisha Warma is one of the studious student in the college. She is not only good in her studies as well as she is very talented. She is ambitious , hard working, Good communication skill .

I think with this capabilities she will be best for the customer executive position in our company.

I think she will be the best asset for our company.

Thank You!



Reference-letter for job

  • Character Reference Letter for the Rent Application

 To Whom it may concern,

I am willingly writing  this letter to introduce my neighborhood MR. Mohan Joshi. I know him since about 10 years. Right now he is searching an apartment in your colony. As I know him since from ten years, so I know his nature. He is having friendly as well as polite in nature. In his 10 years in the colony he used to organize various events in our colony.

I think his nature will add some enthusiasm in your colony, His Kind nature will also help you whenever you need someones help.

I honestly give you assurance e that He is the best person to rent for this apartment. Please do ask me if you want to know about him . Here I am sharing my contact number in case if you make your mind to give him rent opportunity then please contact me.





  • Character Reference Letter for Babysitter

To whom it may Concern,

I would like to recommend you the babysitter Miss.Sarala Kakad , she is a delightful kind woman has known her since from last seven years.

She has taken care of my two children since from last seven years. Just like a mother,she is behaving with my child. In these seven years, many good habits I have seen in my child. Every day she is makes delicious food for my kids. She is not only taken care of their health but  she also managed their studies also. She has made timetable in that manner she completes her chores within the time.

Every weekend she managed her chores and she goes garden with my kids.Me and my husband is happy with her dedication towards work. How happily she managed everything without any complaint. We were amazed the pictures ,poem done by my children. Her assistance towards our children is greatful.

I think with this information , I hope you would like to keep Sarala as a babyseater. She is the one who will not only care for your child, but also care about their manners. I think she will be the best asset for you. Incase if you want to discuss about her background you can contact me at this given address.


Thank You !




Why we Need Character Reference Letter?

When you find the new job for the first time that time you will need someone’s reference to get the job easily. If you are taking an admission in the school / colleges that time we required this character reference letter. One might write the character reference letter for friends, neighborhood, employee, and student. Depending on the occasion you will required this character reference letter.

The character reference template should be professional, easy language, Information should be true.  To avoid the errors in the reference letter here we are sharing the templates of creative reference letter.

Character Reference Letter Of Friend

(Your’s Details)

Manish Yadaw

42 , Mahal Nagpur-4400015


(Recipent Details)

Mr. Abhishekh Mathur

43, Karolbaagh Delhi


Dear Abhishekh,

I am having pleasure to  introduce my friend Manish Yad. I know him since my childhood.

Manish is having Leadership qualities , One of the active person in the college campus. He is good in his studies as well having intellectual qualities.

In National Level Coading Compeition he secured first postion by developing one app. With this versatility I think he is best for the software development position in our company.

As he already having some professional experience by doing the internship as a developer for three months in the startup  software company .

I think by knowing his capabilities , he will be the best asset for this organization.


Manish Yadaw

After reading this character reference letter by senior I think the chances for getting job for Manish it will be a  little bit easier. Because the content of the reference letter is giving us a clear idea of the Manish Personality. This reference letter is enlightening the all the qualities of Manish.

After reading this content few things are necessary like the Language must be understandable, as well as we can use some phrases in the content.


40+ Character reference letter sample.

You will need a character reference letter depending on the occasion . You will think about character reference letter when someone asked to write character reference letter for them. Or at a certain point in your life you will need  a character reference letter, that moment you search on the google and see the different templates on the internet. If you are searching the examples of character letter template, then you are at right place. Our site will provide you 40+ Character reference letter sample.

Reference Letter Template for the Employment Application

To Whom it may Concern……(Dear XYZ)

I have seen tremendous growth in this candidate  Mr. Ram Kumar since from Last 5 Months. He had developed many qualities like communication skill,managerial skill,  Business development. And I think with these qualities he will be the best asset for the company.

I have handled him many difficult projects , in order to test his qualities , Patience. In first month he was not having that much enthusiasm. But Slowely he has taken an intrest in his work. After handling the projects He has showed his intellectual skill, hardwork,enthusiasm , Problem solving quality. Even at this small age he is capable for solving the managerial issue. In the five months period he has developed in that way in future he would be having great future ahead.

I think ifyou trust on me he can be the best asset for your company. And I think his hard work will definitely contributes the success of your Organisation.Incase if you liketo discuss the educational details  as well his background with me you contact me at this no (xxx).




Which things are important while writing the  reference letter for Someone?

Incase if someone ask you to write the reference letter for them. Then you might be confused certain questions arrived in your mind like is it a risk if I write this letter. Is it worth to write ? So many questions will be moving in your mind. Once you decided to write the reference letter make sure whatever you are writing it should be legally correct. Otherwise you have to pay the penaulities in the future. Another thing you need to understand is whatever you are writing in the reference Letter it must be easily understoodable. The language you have chosen for writing the reference Letter it must be grammetickly correct as well as phrases must be included. The language should be polite , it shouldn’t be arrogant.These few things we should keep in mind while writing the reference Letter.

Which things you should avoid while writing the reference Letter?

If you feel that you are not able to write this Reference letter , then you can say strictly no to the person in a polie way like “ I am not having that much writing skill to write this reference letter , you could find stroung enough person that wil effects more .”

Avoid the negative point in the reference Letter like weak point of the candidate. Because One negative sentence will impact negatively and the recruiter will observe more at that negative point . Hence there is a need to avoid the negative point.

Don’t share the personal information of the candidate . If it is regarding employement reference letter then in that case don’t share the family background. Because reader don’t having any intrest to know the family background of the person. In case of renting apartment reference Letter you may be necessary to write the family details . Because the person who is offering the rent he neded the family details of that person. So I think depending on the situation you have to manage the content accordingly.

  Who will be the best Person to write the reference letter ?

I think the person who knows you very well he can be the best person for writing the reference letter . He may be your friend,neighbourhood,your client. Because while writing the reference letter you have to maintioned the contact details so in that case you can’t write the reference letter from the unknown person. This things you have to keep in mind while referring someone to write the reference letter for yourself.

Second thing when you are referring  that reference letter you have to edit the content before handling to recruiter. One small mistake can make the chances of losing the opportunity .

Writing the reference letter it shows the nature of the person, his/her dedication towards work,achievement. So you have to be very clear while choosing your writer for writing the reference letter . Because one single mistake,one negative point can leads to major problem . These few things are necessary while choosing the writer for the reference letter.

Important Ingredients for Good Character Reference  Letter

If you make the  recipe you first find out which ingredients will add ,the more flavor in your dish. Just like that if you add some words in your letter , the power of the words will directly impact on the person. This what the importance of ingredients in various fields. Likewise, in this article we are going to discuss various ingredients for the good reference Letter.

While writing the character reference letter you can be  a friend, a family member , an employee , a neighbourhood. Depending on the situation you have to design the content in the reference letter carefully.

  • Suppose you are writing the character reference letter as a family member

As a brother of Maya , I know how hard it will be to speak in the English Language. Because from 5 years she is studying in the Hindi Medium . So its a difficult thing for her to  talk in English Language.

And you will continue by supporting to your words.

And  I will be giving you full assurity , that I am looking towards her career and hope she will be succeed in her career.

  • Suppose you are writing the character reference letter as a friend

I know raman since from my childhood days. I think he will be the best person to assist  you.

And you will continue by supporting to the words

And in this way I think you are conveinced to take the help from raman. In case any details you can contact with us.

I hope you have understand how can we change the ingridentients depending on the content of the reference letter. Now we will see how good it will be your reference letter , if you add different ingredients in your reference letter.

  • How will you start the character reference letter in a effective manner.

While writing the letter we normally mentioned Dear will be your first word. Is their any different way to start your reference letter. Obviously yes , here I am sharing some sentences with you

  • It will be great pleasure to introduce mr. x , I have known him since last ten years.
  • I am honored to write this letter on the behalf of MR. Y, I have known since last year.
  • It was great experience with Mr.Z , would like to recommend you for customer executive post.

In this way you can start your letter in an effective manner.

Which things you should not add in the character reference Letter ?

 While writing the character reference letter it is mandatory to don’t write the certain things in the content of the reference letter. Here I am sharing the few things with you all,

  • Avoid the weak point in the content
  • Don’t share to much information about yourself
  • Avoid aggressive point in the content
  • Don’t copied the key strengths from the resume
  • Avoid Grammatical mistakes in the content

In this way you have to take care of the following things. Writing content is easy without doing the mistake. I hope this whole article gives you the full guidance how to write the character reference letter ,why its needed, what are the important ingredients for the reference letter . Hope in future this article will be helpful if you get the chance to write reference letter for someone. Please keep visiting for more updates.





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