When you apply for the first time for the job at that time you understand the importance of the resume cover letter. After that, you will search for some resume templates on the internet. For the first time, you don’t understand the importance of a  resume. This article will give you all the information about how to write a professional resume cover letter.

These resumes will tell you which information you need to put in the resume.  You know which things you have added to the resume. If you copied your friend’s resume then you will be finding yourself in the difficulty. Because of your professional skills, strengths, weaknesses can’t be the same. So just think while preparing your resumes.

A cover letter is attached to the resume in order to show our interest to work with their organization. Cover Letter is your first impression in front of the recruiter. So that they will make the decision to hire you, they can see that you will be the perfect asset for their company. Hence cover letters are important to catch the eye of the recruiter. It should be job-specific. Depending on the post which you are applying for, the cover letters are different. Like if you are applying for the HR position then the cover letter will be different. Why we attached cover letter because this is the only way to introduce yourself to an organization, to show your interest in their organization as well as to draw the attention on your resume. This is the main purpose of the cover letter.

You have to mention each and everything like why you want to work in this organization? why should they hire you? How can, you will make an appointment with them? Just think about this question and I think you can easily make your cover letter for the specific job position. So that recruiter will take interest to read your CVs. Because the fact is recruiters received lots of CDs, some of the CVs they not even read. Some CVS is not that interesting so they don’t waste their time reading CVS. The cover letter is the first impression that you can create on the recruiter so that he can insist to look into your resume.

Why We need a resume cover letter?

The cover letter we attached before the resume because it gives a short description of the resume. Please don’t forgot to send a cover letter with a resume. The cover letter should be written in a professional way as well as it must be specific. It is nothing but the extension of your resume and also your interest in the organization.

On a daily basis, this recruiter receives 100+ resumes every day. How can you make your first impression on the company manager? How will you stand in the race of the other 100 participants who also applied for the same position which you have applied?  How Tough competition, it is! If you really want to stand in the race, and you want that recruiter should take an interest in your resume for that I am sharing you one important tip with you. Like You have to study each and every detail of the company like you have to mention which project right now they are working as well as mentioned the department, as well as mentioned the specific person name if you know someone. You have to personalize it to the company. Show the recruiter that you have research about the company before applying.

What will be the Length of the Cover Letter?

The cover letter must be divided into three parts

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Closing

Within these three parts, you have to write the answers about the following questions which are as follows

  • Why are you interested to work in this organization?
  • Why should they hire you?
  • How can you take their appointment?
  • What are your key strengths?
  •  Do homework before writing the cover letter

Before writing the Letter do some research on the company.

  • Use Proper Salutation
  • Check the content while writing

Check the English grammar as well as use proper words that will show some enthusiasm and passion for the position which you are applying.

  • Request to take some action

Write such a sentence as I would like to attend the personal interview for this week. this sentence may take action by the recruiter side.

  • Close the letter

While the ending letter mentioned some sentences like I am looking forward to furthering communication.

Just think you are not writing the cover letter you are writing the letter to sell yourself like a product. So that more job recruiters will knock your door once you know this marketing strategy. These are the ingredients that help you to make the marketing strategies.

Various Formats of Resume Cover Letter

Depending on the domain there are the various formats of resume cover letter. In this section, we will discuss the various formats of resume cover letters. Let’s divide the types of cover letters as per domain and Resume examples.

  • Cover letter for IT Domain
  • Cover Letter for software engineer
  • Cover letter for teacher
  • Cover letter for software engineer
  • Cover Letter for internship
  • Cover Letter for Marketing
  • Cover letter for Finance
  • Cover letter for sales

We can have cover letter depending upon the domains. Here I have mentioned very few domains. You can see the templates of the resume cover letter in this section. Now we are sharing one template with you which will help you if you write the cover letter in the future.


Internship Cover Letter

Now we have seen the cover letter for this internship position. Now we will see another template from the different domains. In the next section, you will see the different templates of the Resume Cover Letter.

Resume Cover Letter

The templates which we are sharing include the Basic format and which information they should add in the different paragraphs. This resume cover letter template will give you the basic format as well as it will create a big impact on the hiring manager.

Professional Resume Cover Letter template

Date: DD/MM/YY


Please accept this letter in response to your advertisement published in the newspaper for the HR position. Upon review of this position, I believe that my skills and experience will strongly match the Profile.


As my skills will help your organization. You can check in my resume.

I look forward to the further discussion here I am sharing my contact details. Please contact me.


Thank you!


Your Signature.


Professional Cover Letter for the administrative assistant Post

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I am writing this letter as your advertisement has been published on 28th December 2016. For the Administrative assistant post. At this time I am looking forward to the opportunities to use my skills.

With the reference the qualification described in the advertisement, you will see the skills in the resume

  • 5 years experience in the administrative department, with handling the responsibility in a unique way.
  • Having technical knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Business Administration Diploma from a well-known university.
  • Good communication Skill


With this skill, I think I am capable of this position. The skill is needed for this position I am already having so it will definitely help your organization. I am Looking forward to your interview call. Here is my contact no.

Thanking You!





This cover letter is a tool for you to impress the recruiter. It is no formality that you should write the cover letter. If you are sending the cover letter that also shows some enthusiasm towards the organization.

I hope this article will help you to understand how to write the professional resume cover letter.