15+ Swot analysis Templates in word, PPT and PDF, Excel format

Hello Users! If you are looking best templates of Swot analysis templates, then you are right place. here you will get a different types of swot analysis templates that would help you to making decision for business perspective. You can choose according to your want, You will not have to pay for using this templates. It is free of cost. This templates is very easy and affordable.

In Business, We do lot of decisions, most of them is very useful, one wrong decision can make harmful and destroy your business. Some business has a highly competitive market, So making decision and proper planning for business is very necessary,  In all situation, Swot analysis plays a very important and effective tools and measures a business units.

Swot Analysis templates is a extremely tool that is used for making decision and understanding in business and organization perspective. Swot is stands for Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.  Swot analysis templates, provide  framework  which helps you  reviewing strategy, position and direction of company or business proposition.

Swot Analysis templates can be used for business planning purpose, strategic analysis and planning purpose, marketing, business purpose and product development and research reports. Swot analysis is the process by which business data can be presented and reviewed. It is a good method by which can be planned within a larger business or project planning process. A swot analysis gives a proposition or idea and measures a business unit while PEST analysis measures a market. A swot analysis is  a assessment of data that measure as a business unit and helps also Understanding, presentation, discussion and decision making. It also help to identify risks and rewards and make decision. if swot analysis done effectively, then a SWOT analysis should lead to a strategy for dealing with negative factors while maximizing strengths and opportunities. SWOT is a business effective tool , Albert Humphrey, a business consultant is developed first in the 1960’s.  Albert Humphrey is a great man who worked for Stanford Research Institute in California and find this effective tools.


The Uses of Swot analysis templates in Business planning

There are various uses of swot analysis templates in business, Nowadays, the business environment is highly competitive, so It is very necessary that make all planning should be properly and well prepared, and take a better decision as a business perspective. For this Swot Analysis templates can be effective tools for you, because in all larger and high competitive market Swot template acts as business tools.  SWOT analysis provides a  accurate and complete information regarding your business and  to help your business make important decisions about where it currently is, and where it is going in the future. Swot analysis tools also help to leaders to make decisions and examining current performance and evaluating other factors that affect the company. Swot analysis is a method by which external and internal factors and company’s future performance are identified by management team. The Internal factors are company’s strength and weakness.  Your strength Should  depends on your  marketing expertise while weakness should be the lack of consumer expectation.

Swot analysis can be created using a list format to document strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, This should be created in 2×2 matrix. The matrix is essentially a table with four columns, showing internal factors on top and external factors. Here some Swot analysis templates provided you 2×2 matrix, you can download and just print out of swot analysis templates.

What area should be consider in swot analysis templates

There are some keys are available that is very useful be  when identifying and evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are listed in SWOT analysis example below.  It must be considered properly way.

                          Strength                                                                                                 Weakness

i. Technological skills i. Absence of important skills
ii. Leading Brands ii. Weak brands
iii. Distribution channels iii. Poor access to distribution
iv. Customer Loyalty/Relationship
 iv. Low customer retention
v. Production quality v. Unreliable product/service
vi. Scale vi. Sub-scale
 vii. Management
vii. Management

                     Opportunities                                                                                                           Threats       

i. Changing customer tastes
 i Changing customer tastes
ii. Liberalization of geographic markets ii. Closing of geographic markets
iii. Technological advances iii. Technological advances
iv. Changes in government politics iv. Changes in government politics
v. Lower personal taxes v. Tax increases
vi. Change in population age-structure vi. Change in population age-structure
vii. New distribution channels vii. New distribution channels.

These are some point that should be reminded while creating swot analysis templates and proper mentioned strength and weakness.

Basic SWOT Matrix Excel Template

This Swot analysis templates is provided in 2×2 matrix form that would help you to easy to read and view, because column will be very helpful for measuring significance of each items in swot analysis templates. This types of templates would be very helpful for your keeping data regarding to your business. Please do download and take a print out on a paper.


SWOT Competitor Analysis Template

Using Swot analysis pdf templates, you can compare your business to another business or company. This templates provides a easiness to compare two businesses. using this templates, you can create a detailed analysis of the competition with the structure of the SWOT framework and this templates also recommends and comparing your business’s strength and weakness also. Please use this for templates for making comparison between two business.


SWOT Analysis Arrows Template

This templates provides a good strategy for making a business presentation and gathering data in well manner. This templates is very useful for business perspectives and provides a eye-catching swot analysis for a presentations.


Colorful Leaves SWOT Analysis Template


Diamond SWOT Analysis Template


Business Planning SWOT Template


SWOT Analysis Template With Summary


Personal SWOT Analysis Template



Prism SWOT Template


 Pie based Swot Analysis Template


15+ Swot analysis Templates

Here we have provided you basic swot analysis templates  that would help you to regarding business perspectives, you can choose according your business perspective. I hope, this article will be good for you, if you have any query or issues regarding this article please tell me about swot analysis templates. You can share this article with your dear and near ones, so that all they can know about swot analysis templates. Please keep visiting for better updates.





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