15+ Printable wedding Invitation templates, cards, Samples

Hello Users! If you are looking best wedding invitation templates, cards, then come here on this website, Here you will get a collection of wedding design templates that would help you to invite special someone on your wedding. These wedding cards are easy to use and absolutely free and easy to editable.  You can edit yourself or just take a print out of these wedding templates after downloading. Wedding is awesome occasion of any one life. so he/she wants that wedding cards are very amazing, So Guys! Don’t worry, this site provides a lot of amazing collection of weeding cards. please have a look.

A wedding invitation is just type of letter asking by which a recipient has a chance to attend the occasion. It is just like a formal letter that gives to any relatives for attending the party or wedding occasions.  Through wedding invitation cards, Recipient’s calls for wedding, So it should be awesome and amazing, For amazing wedding cards, you can see look various design here, so you can make according to that design.  Every weeding is work of Art, so it is matter that weeding card should be properly designed and well look.

To select a wedding invitation cards, it depends on the kind of wedding, that are going to have. There are various type of wedding invitation cards or templates, you can choose according your wedding, that is given below. Creating a perfect wedding invitations cards is just like a bride desires. you can make yourself wedding invitation card templates as just like an starter templates for other designs – such as RSVP cards and your wedding programs.  To create or design wedding invitation cards, you can create your own designing, saved your money and gives personal styles and choice.


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Before going to select a wedding invitation templates, You should know about common styles and techniques, that is

 Types of Wedding Invitation Paper

There are many types of Invitation paper, but most of them is very popular, that would help you to make a awesome wedding invitation paper.

Cotton fiber:  wedding Invitation paper is made of cotton and it is very popular for now-day making Invitation cards.

Linen Finish:   Wedding Invitation paper is made of high quality, cotton blend paper with a textured, lightly crosshatched surface.

Recycled: In this type, wedding invitation cards made of re-purposed materials and used for for rustic style wedding.

Vellum: wedding Invitation cards is made of,  sheer, frosted paper which is typically layered on top of an opaque sheet of paper featuring a solid color or a decorative graphic.

Glassine: Wedding cards is made of light, waxy paper that is often used for envelopes, overlays, pouches, and other accents rather than for the invitation card itself.

for making own designing the wedding invitation, this is very necessary to know about Wedding Invitation Printing Techniques.

 Types of Wedding Invitation Printing Techniques

Thermography:  In this type of techniques, wedding Invitation cards is made by thermography.  This techniques is cheaper than engraved techniques. it involves mixing ink with a special powder and applying heat. This gives clean, subtly raised, painted on effect.

Engraving: This is a classic techniques that is used to make  a wedding invitation cards. In this techniques,  paper is pressed between an inked plate and a metal plate, creating raised, inked letters that have been punched upward from the underside of the card. It is useful for traditional wedding.

Letterpress: this type of techniques is used for style for classic and modern invitations in which text and graphics are indented into thick paper using a metal plate.

Digital: This techniques is used for making high quality weeding Invitations cards. Its printing styles uses a flat printing style using a high-quality digital printer. This modern technique has become an increasingly popular option due to its cost-effectiveness and quick turn around time.

Foil Stamping:  Foil Stamping is a techniques which uses shiny, metallic foil is pressed onto the paper, creating a luxe effect.

Importance of wedding Invitation cards

Wedding Invitation cards is very useful for making wedding planning and invites guests to attend a wedding.  Printable wedding Invitation cards are very important because through weeding cards, Guest can be invited for wedding and share in this special function. Best wedding cards are designed in a way that conveys the message of your wedding or the theme in a special way. Wedding Invitation cards can set your planing for your occasion. It is just a blueprint for your guest to share special events with them. Through weeding planning, Guest can be make ideas that events will be sleek and modern. It shows actual Information about your events attire, locations and food served. you want to make the event sound and feel like it’s going to be fun. Nobody wants their guests to open the invitation and they say “I guess we have to go to this wedding.” You want them to open your invitation and say “this is going to be fun”.

15+ wedding Invitation templates, samples

Here we have provided you many wedding Invitation templates that would help to Invite your guest and relatives.  A wedding invitation is just type of letter asking by which a recipient has a chance to attend the occasion. It is just like a formal letter that gives to any relatives for attending the party or wedding occasions. Please have a look different different Wedding card design.

Wedding invitation with Flowers


Wedding invitation card
Wedding invitation card


Design Wedding Invitation Card Template



Design Wedding Invitation Collection Invitation



Blue Wedding Invitation Card




Multipurpose Wedding Announcement Template


Modern Floral Design Wedding Invitation



Custom Romantic Design Wedding Invitations



Save The Date Wedding Template



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